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Executive Director

The Executive Director’s primary focus is the survivability and prosperity of Reborn Dominion. All financial investments, large scale Community decisions, and technical advancements on RebornDominion.com or Discord are validated through the Executive Director. The Director’s engagement in daily operations is not common place, and is usually relegated to the Director of Operations. The Executive director serves as both the custodian of all Reborn Dominion accounts, and manager of the Systems Team. The Executive Director is an original founder of Reborn Dominion, and performs necessary duties as the Dominion’s treasurer.

Current Executive Director: Zen Zen

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations is in charge of all RD Operations, this includes daily activities, events, and long term goals and planning. The DoO is responsible for the short and long term prosperity of the community. The DoO responsible to the community, and will communicate changes and state of the Dominion to her members as needed. The DoO oversees any changes community wide, and work directly with the Executive Director as required. The DoO will be willing and open to work with whoever reports to them, and open to discussing concerns and questions from the community. The DoO's primary concern is the community, and ensuring a positive environment exists which enables growth and promotes prosperity. The DoO is capable of altering the clan-wide laws and introducing new policies and processes as seen fit. There may only be 1 DoO at any given time.

Current Director of Operations: Nyx Nyx

Operations Administrator

Operations Administrators are administrators responsible for supporting all Divisions within RD, whether core or community games. They act as a direct resource for all leaders and their main objective is to ensure that Divisions operate to the best that they can. The role includes recruiting new members, training and assisting Core Supervisors and Core Managers, settling any conflicts that may arise, ensuring activity and anything else that comes up in new and established Divisions. The OA may be actively present in new games that hasn’t an established leadership to find new recruits, educate, and turn a group of people into an established Core game. OAs are also tasked with clan-wide events and general participation of all Divisions within global activities. OAs will also be tasked with day to day operations such as admin requests, medal nominations as well as participating in the judicial system. OAs report directly to the Director of Operations. In order to become a OA, it's highly recommended you serve as a Core Manager.

Current Operations Administrator: Slayer Slayer

Core Manager

Core Managers are the senior officers within their respective game title, and the Division leader for their game within Reborn Dominion.

Core Managers are the foundation of Reborn Dominion operations, through their dedication and leadership, Reborn Dominion's Core game Divisions are able to enjoy continued success and growth. Core Managers ensure accountability of their RD members, conducted short and long term planning for their respective Division, and foster a climate or dignity and respect.

There can only be one Core Manager per RD Division

Current Core Manager: Skull Skull Ratman Ratman

Core Supervisor

Core Supervisors (CS) are supporting officers to their respective Core Managers or Operations Administrator, unique to their specific game title and Division within Reborn Dominion. CSs will execute all duties and tasks assigned to them by their respective Division leader. CSs are Nominated, Hired and Fired by their Division leader, with minimal oversight from Senior Leadership.

Current Core Supervisor: Turboj Turboj 70Killer 70Killer Druvhix Druvhix

Startup Supervisor

A Startup Supervisors primary responsibility is ensuring the positive reputation of Reborn Dominion in their assigned game title and among fellow non-RD members within the given games community. Members are encouraged to volunteer to become Startup Supervisors. An Startup Supervisor's assigned duties are by design general and unencumbered, as an Startup Supervisor's focus is to do what Reborn Dominion does best, play and excel in their game title. An Startup Supervisor will make themselves available to discuss and field questions regarding Reborn Dominion to guests and recruits both in game, and through out social media and official forums/venues. An Startup Supervisor's contact information (Steam ID, Battle Net, Microsoft Account, etc.), along with additional relevant in game information (Steam Group, 'In game' Clan name, Server/coordinates, etc.) will be featured on the RebornDominion.com, with. Discord, TeamSpeak3, Forum and Twitch/Media support will be available upon request.

Current Startup Supervisor: KON KON Minku Minku MrAnkylasuarus MrAnkylasuarus Dirty Dirty Donkey Donkey Shawnboyy Shawnboyy MrPistachios MrPistachios