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The Lieutenant General is in charge of the Operations department. The Operations department consists of all the daily activities and gaming side of the community. They are responsible for the short and long term prosperity of the community. The LT Gen is in charge of announcing and communicating all changes to the public and/or Operations. They will also oversee any changes that are community wide, and work directly with the CTO and CEO if required. A Lt Gen will work with whoever reports to them to ensure the community is a positive environment that enables growth for our community. The Lt Gen is capable of altering the clan-wide laws and introducing new policies and processes. There may only be 1 Lt Gen at any given time.

  • Ensure positive communal environment.
  • Proactively changing policies, structure or laws to prevent conflicts or issues.
  • Issuing the monthly medals.
  • Scheduling community meetings.
  • Applying feedback to ensure a community driven growth structure.

Brigadier Generals are administrators responsible for supporting all Divisions within RD, whether core or community games. They act as a direct resource for all leaders and their main objective is to ensure that Divisions operate to the best that they can. The role includes recruiting new members, training and assisting LTs and Captains, settling any conflicts that may arise, ensuring activity and anything else that comes up in new and established Divisions. The BG may be actively present in new games that hasn’t an established leadership to find new recruits, educate, and turn a group of people into an established Core game. They work with LT Cols and are key to the creation of new Divisions and the long term survival of established Divisions. BGs are also tasked with clan-wide events and general participation of all Divisions within global activities. BGs will also be tasked with day to day operations such as admin requests, medal nominations as well as participating in the judicial system. BGs report directly to the LT General. In order to become a BG, it's highly recommended you serve as either a Captain or Lt Colonel.

  • Acts as a liaison between upper level administration and the Divisions.
  • Provides direct support to Captains in the form of advice, account changes, rank changes and disciplinary actions.
  • Ensuring that assigned Captains are up to date on any policy or changes.
  • Provide training for newly appointed Captains.
  • Help LT Cols lead and find leadership in newly developed Divisions.
  • Approving all Divisional promotions (LT and Captain) and performing the task
  • Regularly checks the Administrative Requests forum and completing them, or denying.

Open Position

Open Position

The Lieutenant Colonel has a similar set of tasks and duties as the Brigadier General but not as an administrator. They are the Operations presence in our community games and more actively try to start new Divisions. They may act as support for Divisions startups. Their main role is to help Reborn Dominion in the non-core games that are played to ensure there's activity and no conflict. LT Cols are expected to be aware of new games coming out and gather interest to bring in new games into the community. When the LT Col believes there's enough interest to create a new Startup, they will speak to a BG to have it approved and created. To become an LT Col, you must prove your ability to lead, play multiple games and preferably have some experience as a LT within a Core Division.

  • Help lead and find leadership in newly developed Divisions and struggling Divisions.
  • Mentor new Startup Division LTs for best recruiting practices and other advise that ensures the success of a Division.
  • Identify new games members are playing to potentially develop into a new Division.
  • Recruiting members into the community.
  • Using tools such as social media, forums or Reddit to create interest in new Divisions.