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  • 2 Year Anniversary


    2 Year Anniversary




    I want to start off by wishing everyone a fantastic 2017 and hope everyone had amazing holidays. It’s a special time for us here in Reborn Dominion where we celebrate our 2-year anniversary. 2 years may not seem like a lot, but to us it’s quite a tremendous achievement. Our success is due to the bonds that we have all formed and how we worked together to overcome our challenges. We must not forget our roots as well, and pay our respects to where most of us met and began our connections from. It’s a great shame to see a place where most of us used to call home vanish – but we can’t forget why we formed our community either. We hope that everyone finds their ways and can find a place to call their own home, just as we have.


     I want to change the format of how we’re doing the 2-year post versus how the 1 year was done. Stats may not be our strong suit; we fully recognize this and admit this. With that said, our strong suit is something that we can’t quantify. I cannot give you stats or numbers that represent the fun times we’ve had or the people we’ve met. What I can tell you is that even after 2 years we’re still a strong, vibrant gaming community that still has gaming at its core with minimal drama and issues. New friendships and memories are being formed every day which is ultimately our only goal.


    This post will be based around the perspectives of our game leaders and administrators, though I highly suggest anyone with anything to say, please leave it below. This post is a celebration of our community and we encourage the utmost participation from any member. I want to start it off by reading some words of our current leaders (done in order of who's the coolest, descending).


    Words from SgtCanadian


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    As someone who’s deeply passionate about our community, it’s success and growth, I can’t ask for more than what we have now. Sure, we don’t have the highest forum numbers or the largest number of game selections, but that’s now how we should look at what we are. We should be looking at what we have and what we are right now, and I’m truly happy. Our members are excellent and as much as I’d love to choke some of them out every now and then, I wouldn’t replace a single one. It’s our unique composition that gives me joy every time I login to play. Our administrators work hard as well to help ensure we run drama free and only in a positive direction. To our game leaders, keep up the great work. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done and the community you help provide to your members. I only wish I can live up to the expectations you’ve set for me because you’ve surpassed any I’ve set for you. 2 years represents a good milestone in my opinion, because it’s where we can truly see that we’re not a fluke runoff, we’re an entity. Our diversity after 1 year wasn’t the greatest, but our member base now is seeing some new blood and that’s proof that we’re doing the right thing.


    Thank you all.



    Words from Osama


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    It's amazing to think that it's already been so long. Two years ago a very select few people decided to embark on a massive challenge. I had been a part of different clans and held leadership positions in the past before but this was something different. Something new, and it was ours to build as a community. That message resonated quickly, and we enjoyed a heavy influx of amazing people for quite some time. Throughout the past two years we have been able to grow not only something that we can all rely on for daily fun and socializing with friends online, but I believe for many of us, real personal friendships. I've had the opportunity to meet a couple of members here in person and I hope it's something that continues to happen. These past two years have taught me that this community is what you want it to be, and with some effort and help from others has proven itself as a great relief to many of us from our daily lives at work, school, or anything else.


    I look forward to continuing to grow and meeting more interesting and fun people in coming years, and hopefully..maybe we can finally plan a get together that a good amount of us can attend!



     Words from Zen

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    Why hello again,


    Exactly two years ago I started living off of pizza and energy drinks to stay awake for days at a time while myself and bunch of like-minded individuals created this lovely bastard of a clan/community. I would be lying if I said it has been an easy road, there has been a lot of bumps but without those bumps we wouldn't be who we are today. When Osama handed the reigns over to Canadian I thought for sure we were done for, but surprisingly it was the exact opposite. I can't say it has been a pleasure working with him 100% of the time, but when we are on the same page we can accomplish a lot. It is awesome to see all the hard work that went into this community has paid off and we are continuing to grow. I can't wait to see what the following year has in stock for us. 


    Thank you to everyone that has been part of the ride thus far, without you guys we wouldn't be here today! Keep up the work everyone, in the words of Americas impending doom, lets make RD great again! (or greater.. you know what I mean).


    Words from Slayer


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    Two years ago I was running the Dota 2 Division when I was approached by Osama about this idea he had. It seemed crazy at first, and considering I was recently handed the keys to the Dota 2 group, I was a little uneasy about it initially. But I said screw it, let’s do this. Two years later, we as a community have grown and become very close.  Boundaries between divisions have become nonexistent and members interact with each other. We have seen game nights between divisions in which chaos and hilarity ensues. Recently we have been streaming, allowing members (and the public) to watch their friends play, or to see a friend play a brand new game that they may be on the fence about. In the past two months we started something very different from our typical gaming divisions in the form of a DnD group that meets one night a week. I don’t think anyone expected these types of things when Osama and Zen started Reborn Dominion two years ago. I know I didn’t. So to everyone who is a part of RD, none of this would be possible without the members, and I would like to thank all of you for helping us become one happy family.

    -RDxSlayer, Brigadier General, Operations



    Words from Nyx 

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    What defines who we are as a community? Is it our list of supported game titles... Reborn Dominion's unique approach to decentralized leadership...

       I look at the Dominion; The various contests, never ending forum dialogue, Twitch streaming dozens of hours. I honestly think that if you took that all away, and left RD with nothing more then the members standing together, you would still be able to capture who WE really are. A community brought together over our shared love and respect of Gaming.  In our community, the legacy of our members - the Victories, shared emotions,  unwavering fellowship - defines what we once were, where we are, and what we will become. For a leader, success measured in time simply means 'we've done enough to survive'. But by looking at our consistent growth, a shared desire to take risks, RD's contagious passion for competition, it is clear that we have a recipe for victory. It should be clear to a casual observer that THIS, the Dominion, is a gaming community that is here to stay. I couldn't be more proud of those who have taken the time and effort, made the sacrifices, to see Reborn Dominion and her member core be successful. Special 'thank you's for those who 2 years ago decided to make a dangerous but calculated decision, and move on from a path destined to failure.  Finally, an acknowledgement to the founders, who dared to dream. 


    Major Activities  - SO, what have we done?

    The forums continues to improve; a constant flow of pluggins, updates and restructuring (along with a few beers and some late nights) has enabled Reborn Dominion's base of operations online to maintain relevance.  Our flagship Divisions continue to enjoy competition and contests; with acknowledgements to those who've participated in AD2L, UCG, and RD internal community events! This year I was fortunate to see the Rebirth of the BattleStar Galactica's in game Wing, a game title close to my heart. Our RD Twitch Channel and constant streaming has seen the 'views' number climb higher everyday. Its been a pleasure competing in and supporting RD exclusive Contests; (CSGO v DotA II), Dank Clip event, Our Raffle give away fund raiser - these are a great break from the norm!  For the Division leaders; It has, and continues to be a pleasure to serve. 


    Continuing Efforts

    I look forward to continuing our expanding   presence in developing titles such as Fractured Space, Crowfall, and that silly space game with the ninja's - Warframe, I think its called. Our involvement in BETA games, as a community, such as ARK, 7 Days, and Space Engineers  always brings a smile and a host of friends willing to try something new for which I am always thankful. I look forward to years ahead; the challenges, the conquest and the friendships. 


    TL:DR: Steve is happy we've made it 2 years, and believes its because of awesome members. The forums still rule, even though we're in 2017 now. Steve is looking forward to the future. RD > WN, #rekt, Lemayo, we gansa shet


    -RDxNyx, Brigadier General, Operations



    Words from Captains


    RDxBreaker, Captain, World of Tanks

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    I've never been a part of leadership in a gaming community before so I didn't know what to expect. Being able to help form the laws of the clan showed a willingness to build a community around the players. In an ever-changing gaming world, Reborn Dominion has managed to support sections that gamers want to see. I look forward to seeing where the future takes us. This year the World of Tanks division will be focusing on building the stronghold high enough to participate in attack/defense skirmishes.


    - RDxBreaker, Captain, World of Tanks



    RDxSkull, Captain, BS:GO

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    Battlestar Galactica Online section has been around since the beginning of Reborn Dominion and continues to thrive within the community. The section is not really that large but does make a big impact within the game.The section has a steady amount of players with other wings joining the RDx section in game play. Hell, we have cylons that join us in teamspeak just to have a good chat. You hardly ever see a night without someone in teamspeak playing the game shooting down Cylons.  Nukes fly every night at all the members due to the fact that the section is hard to kill. Members here enjoy the fact that they have someone to play with every night and if they wish, they know that they have other sections in RDx to play with when they get tired of playing BSGO. Since a lot of members have left the section to play other games, we seem to have the die hard fans of Battlestar sticking around to play the game. The game itself hasn't changed much except it now has a launcher instead of a browser to play the game. Having the launcher has made the performance of the game much better. Tournaments are back in the game for strikes, escorts, and lines. Yes, line ships have a slot for tournaments. Tournaments have been out of the game for 6 plus months and its good to see it back.  


    On a personal note, I would like to send a shout out to TurboJ and 70killer for support me in keeping the section going. Without them, this section would have closed over a year ago. I look forward to another year of gaming with these guys and girls and hope that we have some new and old members to the team. Feel free to join us in teamspeak, even if its to say hello. Lastly, the entire section of BSGO has been outstanding and each member plays a big part. I couldn't have this much fun without all of you. See you in game. 


    -RDxSkull, Captain, BS:GO



    RDxLotus, Captain, Dota 2

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    Today is a great day in Reborn Dominion! We have had 2 amazing years in the Dota 2 division!


    We have many members who have been here since the beginning, and many members who have joined our amazing ranks over the past two years. Our division has been steadily growing and evolving and I am very proud to have been a part of it!


    The Dota 2 division has had many community activities with which the majority of our members have been a part of.


    The most predominant part of competitive  Dota 2 has been our consistent participation in the Amateur Dota 2 League (AD2L).  RD has consistently entered this tournament since Season 5, with many wins (and losses) under our belts throughout multiple teams. Our teams have had success in all 3 divisions of this tournament and we are continuing our success with the current Season 14.


    We also have members and teams who have been a part of RD2L, UCG, and even had members enter the International 5 Qualifiers! We are always enjoying and exploring new venues of competition within the Dota 2 Community.


    But, Reborn Dominion isn’t just about the competition! We have had some amazing cross clan events as well, starting with our RD sponsored Dank Clip event, the Raffle Give away, and the infamous CSGO vs Dota 2 division events. We are always finding ways to incorporate cross gaming events to make sure our members aren’t just a division, but a part of the entire Reborn Dominion community.


    And speaking of community, we also have done quite a bit of streaming on Twitch TV, with quite a few videos being uploaded to our YouTube channel as well. It’s always entertaining to watch our casters and players having fun during competition or even just playing for fun in our constant Inhouse events.


    Our competition and community division leaders have done a great job organizing fun Dota 2 arcade events, 10v10 events and numerous other ingame events which cater to any level of play.


    So keep up the great job in keeping this community active and fun for everyone! I am looking forward to the future of Reborn Dominion, with many more years to come!


    -RDxLotus, Captain, Dota2



    Major Accomplishments

    Let's take some time to summarize some of the largest accomplishments we've had. Below is the largest ones we've gone through, but certainly not all of them.


    • Reborn Dominion forum restructure (RD Collab System)
    • DotA II Competition and Contests; AD2L, UCG, community events; rvb, in houses, w/ twitch broad casting 
    • Successful Rebirth of the Battle Star Galactica Wing
    • Twitch streaming and support
    • Cross Division events and Contests; (CSGO v DotA II), Dank Clip event, Raffle give away (fund raiser) 
    • New Divisions Include:
      • Overwatch
      • BF1
      • Warframe
      • Fractured Space
      • Crowfall
    • Introduction of Social Groups
    • In-House Tournament System
    • Leadership Information Hub
    • Zen's cute butt


    Closing Statement

    I apologize this is a bit of a read, but I feel it's worth it. To everyone above, this isn't just a thing to do to pass the time, it's a living thing that we've put our heart and soul into (and in Zen's case, alarmingly high amounts of energy drink filled rage coding). We're all happy with where we are and where we're going. Reborn Dominion was started with the main goal of giving gamers a voice. It's been quiet, so we hope we've been doing the right thing. At any time, if you're reading this and have something you want to say, we are always ears. This is a point that will never ceased to be brought up, because this is what we're about. We want to adapt with our community. We only have positions because you play games. This isn't Zen's playground for what he thinks is successful, or Canadian's testing ground for social experiments. This is our home, as much as it is yours, and we hope you understand we don't make decisions for our interest. We've focused hard in the last year to give the tools and power to the leaders. We keep our doors open to any member with a suggestion and will continue to adapt to keep you guys happy. There's a reason metrics weren't included and it's because we're people, not a business or a product. Naturally I hope we grow in size, but if we don't, I'll still be happy as will everyone else. Family is family, regardless of size.


    The next year will be a great year. I can't tell you what we have planned just yet, but I can tell you I'm looking forward to it - and I hope you are too!

    Edited by SgtCanadian

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    23 hours ago, Minku said:

    Can we get pics of Zens cute butt in striped panties?


    I'm sure that after a certain generous donation that Zen would be more than happy to provide :D 

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    7 hours ago, SgtCanadian said:


    I'm sure that after a certain generous donation that Zen would be more than happy to provide :D 


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    8 hours ago, SgtCanadian said:


    I'm sure that after a certain generous donation that Zen would be more than happy to provide :D 


    3 minutes ago, Zen said:



    @Zen what's that "certain generous donation" ? :D

    Edited by Tammer

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    15 hours ago, Bleachman said:

    It has been two years already? Where have I been? Great job to all who keep this thing going!!!!


    Clearly not here!! :) 

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    Very Happy to still see this place thriving in such a strong way. I'm sure RDx will be around forever at this point. Congratz to you all!



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