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So for the people that have watched E3, what games are you most looking forward to. Honestly Anthem is probably o  the top of my list, but it does feel a bit divisiony, hopefully it's release is a bit different. 

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I don't know if it's a full E3 release yet, but just been leaked by bioware. It's Destiny meets The Division, in a future world aspect I believe? Done by Bioware in Edmonton though, so that's neat. I may support local game development since they're the only people here. I can't say I know enough about it though...


Xbox One X looks pretty dope. Additional RAM and better GPU, though I think the CPU is pretty similar to the last one. It's $500 USD as well which puts it at more money than the PS4 Pro, but being the best console on the market may sell. I doubt I'll pick one up myself, especially since the whole Xbox/PC platform is the same. 


On that note, Forza 7 looks pretty cool. Personally looking into investing in a G27 and get a good setup going for racing. 700+ cars is pretty nuts. I feel like I can get behind the forza PC ecosystem since I'm pretty sure it'll be for PC as well. Cannot wait. 

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