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Eve Online: Q&A

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Hi! As many of you know, I like the game of Eve Online. In my opinion, it's the best MMO there is out there that exists. It's more challenging and really makes you work for rewards, but the rewards are priceless. The game itself has a real time economy, and is entirely player driven. Ever hear about the 2000 player battles? Those start for incredible reasons, from missing bill payments to espionage. It's unique, and I'd love to share the experience with each and every one of you. 


Eve comprises of player run corporations that are part of alliances. I'm personally in the corporation Amok, which is part of the Goonswarm Federation alliance. To start a corporation takes a lot of people who already know the game very well and have great friendships and ties. I wish I could say I'd start a Reborn Dominion corporation tomorrow, but I simply can't do that. As much as I want to push the RD lifestyle and culture, I don't think this is feasible. I will though, offer my personal time and services (including money) to help get you up and running in Eve. This includes membership into Amok and it's bonuses, above my personal contributions. 


Why am I doing this? Well, I think everyone should at least know about Eve and it's unique nature. Hell, it's even won a World Summit Award which is a prestigious award for a game developer. I don't want people to think I'm trying to promote another clan, I'm promoting the game itself. Ultimately if you play and go somewhere else, that's still a win. Also, I want to help get people interested in the game by answering any questions you may have. I will answer any questions in this thread, or do a livestream and answer questions there. I encourage everyone who's even remotely interested in either playing, or just to know more about the game to ask and I'll help deliver. 


Common Questions:


I tried playing once and I couldn't figure out what I was doing so I quit. Is this different?


Yes. Not only has the entire new player tutorial been reworked late last year, I will help fill in the gaps. Eve isn't something you can start playing tomorrow and learn - you need to be part of a larger group of people that have knowledge. It's like running a business. Chances are, you don't start a company tomorrow. You are part of another, gather information, then go off on your own. 


I hear the game is very hard and you can't succeed by playing casually. Is this true?


No... not to a good degree at least. If you wanted to learn everything in the game at once, you'd have a fun time. But thankfully, we can separate the components that make Eve and make learning very easy, and time efficient. Let's say you just want to kill things. We can start there. It's easy to learn basics of PVP (hell, my alliance actually offers free PVP learning fleets on a regular basis for all members). You hit one or two fleets, you'll get all the basics. This is a part of the game that some people that's all they learn, and they're happy. The way fleets work is they're pinged real time and you join them, or decide not too. Open invitation. If you have the time and want to participate when a ping goes out, you do. If not, you don't. Easy as that. 


On the money making side. There's many ways as a new player to start making good amounts of money with minimal time investment as well. There's Planetary Interaction (PI for short) or Salvaging. I will run you down doing PI which is about an hour every 2 weeks to maintain (maybe a tad more or less) and you can make a decent profit. Salvaging is more active, and you make money based on how much you salvage. I will provide ships and skills necessary for both. Not to mention, if you do PVP and lose your ship, it's full reimbursement (and you generally profit too). So win win!


What do you do in the game?


This is actually a tad complicated. Most people like to go PVP, but some of the specials do more or less. Some people solely market trade (doing market margin trading), some move things around, some build things, some mine. Eve has a large metagame too, meaning everything outside of actually playing, including diplomacy or writing news articles on events. Though, the latter require a bit of tenure (at least in my alliance, and probably similar elsewhere). We also have a group of people dedicated to military strategics to see where we need to defend, attack, or whatnot.


I'll have to get into this further on a stream or something, but the way Eve works is it's entirely player driven. This means, each ship was mined, built, moved, and flown by a player (and yes, bullets too!). Are you someone who enjoys crafting in WoW? Then being an industrialist in Eve might be for you. Do you just like showing off your skills at being a good PVPer? Well then PVPing in small gangs or solo might be fun. There's a mass market right now for people willing to go into enemy lines solo and killing their money makers. Do you want just something to do casually in the background? Perhaps mining might be fun. Do you want to run your own space empire? Then grab 10-20 accounts, and full on build capital ships and run the market. 


There's a bit more to this, and I can elaborate on this further if anyone would like me too!


I just want to get in and be part of big battles and fuck someone's day. How do I do this?


Easy! Goonswarm Federation is almost always part of any big battle, as we're the single biggest entity in game. Good news too, the smallest ship you can fly is always wanted in these big ass battles. They don't happen as often as I'd like them too, but they still do happen. You can get involved and within a few days be ready to participate in these omega battles. Everything is provided from small ships to knowledge.


Why should I play?


I can't properly answer that for you. It's just unique, and challenging. The big ships in the game can take years to obtain, or quickly, depending how much time you put into it. The game will always have another challenge waiting for you. The only choice is whether you accept being challenged or not. I have a friend who's using his industrialist experience in Eve  to work on his applications as an accountant, and it's valid experience and legitimately helped him on his applications. Eve players make history. I like being part of history. There's a clip below of the Fountain War, which happened a few years ago. It's no longer the biggest war in gaming history (which has since been beaten by Eve as well, but still relevant). Nothing you do in WoW, or Tera, or any other MMO will be covered by Kotaku or PC Gamer (well, most likely not) but I've been involved in many things that have been, and the feeling surpasses any amount of orc killing you'll ever experience.



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I can vouch for the game. Only started couple months ago with little to none experience in the game. But what entice my attention was how well structured the communities are in the game. Depending on how you join can make or break your experience within the game. Just like any mmo, if you dont do the research on whats happening, you may have a bad time. Been doing none stop research now and with a game plan on what I want to do, I have been making in game currency to help reach my goals more quickly.

With the game being around for so long and the community still playing means that CCP is doing something correctly. The tutorial helped fill some of the voids of the game that I thought was confusing to at least be able to fly a ship. And there is a free trail to help you get an idea if you even want to start playing. 

With everything being driven by the player community allows more freedom to choose a roll and fill it. There is mining, salvaging, stocks, space trucking, pvp, pve, scamming, and more! And there is nothing more satisfying then jumping into an ongoing battle and feeling so useless, and yet, the explosions are more then satisfying. 

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Hey Canadian, me and another guy have started up on this. He knows the game a bit but Im just starting out. Be good if we could jump in with you guys.

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3 hours ago, Tokra said:

Hey Canadian, me and another guy have started up on this. He knows the game a bit but Im just starting out. Be good if we could jump in with you guys.


Sure thing. Can you give me a little bit more information of where you are currently? Can we chat on Discord/TS sometime?

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