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Change in leadership!

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It is not very often you seen me posting announcements, and in this case it is one of the harder ones I have had to make. After speaking with @SgtCanadian he has made the decision to step down from his position of Lieutenant General (Clan Leader). @SgtCanadian stepped up when @Osama decided to step back from the a leadership role. Since the day of his promotion he has been essential in the development of our framework and how RD runs as a clan today. He has spent countless hours working with myself and the operations team to develop the uniqueness that is RD. I can honestly say that we probably wouldn't be were we are today without the work Sgt put into this clan.


On behalf of Osama and myself, I would like to thank @SgtCanadian for the time and dedication he put into RD and wish him the absolute best in his future ventures. I am sure we will continue to see him around the forums and teamspeak/discord, he loves this place to much to just leave :D.


A few words from @SgtCanadian


Well, I think it's finally time I take off. I'm honored to have been part of this community for as long as I have, and will always cherish the moments and memories that make this place great. Our roots are honorable and I'm eternally thankful to those who helped make it happen. I hope each and every one of you realize how fun, exciting and memorable this place really is, and see the greatness in each and every member. I know at times I wasn't always the easiest to deal with (or the nicest) but I've always had RD's success at heart. I also hope to see more leaders step up and challenge themselves to continue growth within RD and themselves. I place great confidence in my successor and wish everyone the very best.


Take care,




With Sgt stepping down I spoke with operations to see who would step up, and they the decision was made.


I would like to congratulate...





For SGTCanadian; Thank you for the hard work and dedication of the last two plus years. Successfully transitioning a gaming community across the inter-webs is no easy task, but you made it seem that way. Reborn Dominion has survived as long as she has because of your tenacity. You always held members and the community to a higher standard, and forced us to be better gamers, committed to each other and RD. Not everyone in Reborn Dominion has always had the easiest relationship with you, but we know that is because you were never here to be everyone's best friend, but that you were here to lead




For the community; I am excited and look forward to our shared future together. Soon we will be focusing on changes centered on streamlining forum function (RebornDominion.com), new Division/Game structure, and small 'community centered' adjustments. The theme... the slow and steady drum beat  of RD, is our desire to increase community and cohesion. Whether you're in a leadership position or simply a member, my 'door' is always open to suggestions and brainstorming. We can't be afraid to take risk, try new endeavors,  or invest in opportunity. 


I look forward to seeing everyone on TeamSpeak, Discord, and in game.



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Just now, Minku said:

Is he ok or did the Canadian health system finally institutionalize him?


You got me. I got institutionalized for being too awesome.

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Congratulations Nyx, I'm still not going to call you God though!

Best of luck SgtCanadian!

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Congrats Nyx! If you need anything, I mean anything:argggg:,  just shoot me a message.


Also, sorry to see you step down Sgt :(, you did a great job!



Lastly, Zen...   That banner rollover looks great!




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So since @Nyx became @SgtCanadian suddenly his before and after conversation has changed. We should try to find out whats up with that, maybe he's glitched.



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