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  1. I can vouch for the game. Only started couple months ago with little to none experience in the game. But what entice my attention was how well structured the communities are in the game. Depending on how you join can make or break your experience within the game. Just like any mmo, if you dont do the research on whats happening, you may have a bad time. Been doing none stop research now and with a game plan on what I want to do, I have been making in game currency to help reach my goals more quickly. With the game being around for so long and the community still playing means that CCP is doing something correctly. The tutorial helped fill some of the voids of the game that I thought was confusing to at least be able to fly a ship. And there is a free trail to help you get an idea if you even want to start playing. With everything being driven by the player community allows more freedom to choose a roll and fill it. There is mining, salvaging, stocks, space trucking, pvp, pve, scamming, and more! And there is nothing more satisfying then jumping into an ongoing battle and feeling so useless, and yet, the explosions are more then satisfying.
  2. Right on, always open for whatever voice programs we decide to use and by having options, makes it easier to bring in new players.
  3. Just checked out the server, wouldn't mind getting together to learn the game :D
  4. Better to make a forum post about it at least. I understand that sometimes time is enough to fix some issues. Thanks for the reply's! And I did try the ip as well at the time the server was having issues. I have both of them saved as bookmarks.
  5. Gone through and attempted to connect to all the servers in ts3 and was unable to connect to 2 of them. One of them being the RDx server. After a few restarts and a re installation, still nothing. Thoughts?
  6. I am digging the video former. And it was very clean! Coming from Canadian.
  7. Im gonna go on ahead and fix your image Nyx
  8. Dryer then what?!?!?!? Actually, scratch that. Kinda scares me that you know this information Misintent.
  9. So the new game mode is amazingly fun! Some key notes just want to add for this patch. As well as the full notes from v1.22 is also available.
  10. Only makes sense since everyone is registed on the same forums and everybody knows our tag is supposed to be RDx anyway.
  11. Never got my code for it :(
  12. This is pretty amazing for our community. Much cleaner, and allows for each section to run interdependently from each other while still working as a clan as a whole. Job well done.
  13. The part thats sad is this is actually a movie. And it is already been released on June 24th. http://swissarmyman.com/ With that being said, its getting really good reviews. Interested in seeing it, but the trailer is crud. 4/10
  14. This looks incredible better then before. I will have to look deeper into the game. Thanks for the screenshots!