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  1. yea, will be interesting to see if it goes live, funny thing is i got a email saying we made MM great so come back and play lol. the game still has its ups and downs but i think its better than it was. Hopefully you will return and give it a try oneday.
  2. So as all of you know, 9.18 brought new changes to MM as well as added tier 9 and 10 LT's. Patch 9.19 has just hit the test server, and so far seems like it might be a good update. It will be adding a new game mode that will allow players to get ranked and play with players with like skill/rank, I am assuming that this means gold spam galore on the mode, it is also adding unique equipment that is so much better than standard that you can unlock with a new currency called Bonds. This update also brings female voiceovers to female commanders, pretty cool ehh. lastly they are making the sisterhood of steel perk co-inside with the Brother in Arms skill, meaning that you will get the 5% boost that BIA gives if you have them mixed-matched, Probably what i am personally looking forward to most. The tanks section is taking some time to get brought back to full active. Would like to get more members of RDx involved. Thats all for now, Good luck, and See you on the battlefield. Lt. World of tanks division, XxBaconMuncherXx
  3. Have no fear, Bacon will still be here. lol
  4. World of Warships, as of recent has started up clans, have talked to Breaker about starting up a clan in WoW. I know a few of our members already play WoW and i would like to get RDX into the ships scene, Lucidly Dreaming (Blast) has already said that he is very interested in it. Would like to take a Poll on it and see if we can get enough Ships players interested in it before we move in. Please let me know down below with a comment if you are interested. Thank you for your time: XxBaconMuncherXx
  5. World of Tanks is shit...get it right Foreskin
  6. Agreed Breaker
  7. im in
  8. Excellent idea my good Sir. Would really help the clan out, looking forward to fighting beside each and everyone who participates :) See you on the Battlefield.
  9. ohh i love the tears