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  1. Are you actually trying to smudge me for streaming on my own stream while offering solutions to Steve on still being apart of streaming for RD and still running the media for it? Just seems kinda ungrateful my man. I haven't done anything unfair to you guys.
  2. Josh, I asked on multiple occasions to be involved in a RD stream team, to where I could be apart of the RD streaming umbrella instead of streaming directly from the RD account. I don't use anyone from this community, and if I was into that sort of thing, I think I'd go for a community that is huge that I could exploit. RD became more of a family when I was allowed back in and people changed their minds about me. Thus the reason I come back when I have time and try to stay in contact and allow my content to be used willingly and freely in whatever Steve creates or makes for RD even if it's from my roster or anything of the sort. I think people in this community know me better than that, as I ran the Reborn stream overlays and still do, on my personal stream for as long as I can remember.
  3. This is the thing, I'm still apart of Reborn and I asked before posting content in respect as it wasn't "RD members" or "RD generated". I mean I may be wrong, but regardless, RD was and is my home. It's where a lot of my friends are from and I'm in direct contact with a good number of RD members and I still hop on weekly to see how everyone is doing. I share these as people from RD ask about seeing content, people are excited to see someone they know do what they love to do. Lastly, GodSquad isn't a community or anything, it's a pro squad and I made this video. Myself.
  4. Thanks Steve! Team is called GodSquad Music - [DnB] - Tristam & Braken - Frame of Mind [Monstercat Release] Deviox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38ytu6L3vQ4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLrF9iDS7HI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P7_7C9gkY4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v34zRJvUdRk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V8cU2lLVnw http://plays.tv/video/592523150956d63f1c/for-murica?from=user http://plays.tv/video/5925206be9b4723967/na-win?from=user http://plays.tv/video/5903073c0d9ac43b31/theres-nothing-like-a-real-180-rotate-gat?from=user https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqkldFzSym0 Haxete (Can honestly get all of hax's clips from the second link, but the first is still insane) https://clips.twitch.tv/TenderShakingTriangleBrainSlug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onRagKye9bQ&t=14s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT7SeWUMrrs MetoR http://plays.tv/video/592b063a866e19598f/damn-snipe?from=user http://plays.tv/video/592d9640baaf596e23/snipor?from=user http://plays.tv/video/592b6ae080acd5837e/ump-rank-1?from=user http://plays.tv/video/58de947fc05a7af62f/damn-snipe-?from=user http://plays.tv/video/5913859b0ead7b6ff9/ns-mate-?from=user http://plays.tv/video/592a05af284a6f456a/ghillie-suit-does-not-help-you-?from=user Pretty much all of hax's clips can be condensed and cropped, he's garbage at editing I apologize but those videos have sick frags.
  5. classic.
  6. Compiled links for the most easily accessible cool shit I've broadcasted. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/139553774 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/140001010 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/140000541 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/139999889 https://clips.twitch.tv/TallPoisedStingrayKippa https://clips.twitch.tv/CulturedOriginalSushiSmoocherZ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/139531209 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/138868518 (Starts at 32:00)
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/138868518 Starts at 29:00 or so.
  8. Deleted my video, left frozs up https://www.twitch.tv/videos/138868518
  9. Generally a majority of the top 1-2% of players prefer the holo because it is easier to see people through it with the magnification, and still easy to use close range as well. Obviously using a holo long range is extremely difficult, as the outside circle is going to obscure your vision, but you shouldn't be relying on a holo for long range. The main issue I have with the red dot, is that it seems to blend in when shooting at players further than 10-15 feet. The dot seems to be too small, but I suppose the sight could be better at better quality settings, but I've yet to hear any of the top players choose it over the holo.
  10. As the title clearly plainly says, here's the first solo win for today, literally have no idea how I fucking survived. Bushes OP, blue camping OP. RIP Steve Irwin. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/134726953
  11. Updates - In testing SCAR and M416, they are useful if fully kitted and most certainly if you have a compensator on the m416, for whatever reason it makes it super good. Suppressors are not as rare anymore, makes pretty much every gun more viable. - Small compound north of crater is a good small area for loot. Looks like benghazi diplomat compound.
  12. Yer boy deviox is back with some notes, and tips & tricks to help you from sucking immensely in the new PUBG game, and impress that important lady in your life with your rising Blood Pressure and weight. How am I qualified to tell you how to play? Well, I've sacrificed the past seven days playing this lag-fest of tree-camping and blue zone shenanigans, and I've gone from an average player at around 1.5 K/D, to 2.7 K/D and currently I am ranked 60th Overall in the world, and Top 20 in Kill Rating. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=896600317 PARACHUTING AND SHIT At this point, everyone kinda has a good idea of where to land in conjunction to the plane path and worthy spots for looting. The first basic skill you need to learn is where to loot IF YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO GET THERE WITHOUT BEING MASSACRED BY A NORTH-AFRICAN MILITIA. Primorsk is a solid place for essentially everything. Gear, Stims & Meds, Attachments, and Guns are in abundance here if you can have 1/4 of the town at least. The Barracks on the far-right of the town (orange and long) are generally where level 3 gear has the best chance of spawning in the town. Novo(whatever the fuck the last part is), is amazing loot-wise. This place is only second to Sosnovka which is the main military base. Both are incredibly solid choices if you can glide to them, or you notice it is close to plane trajectory and the plane is empty. Remember, if you have a car, you can literally loot whatever town you're in until the blue is twenty feet from you and you're just leaving your town. Cars are incredibly faster than the first blue zone. Notable Drops Firing Range (Huge Dirt pile looking thing on the top left portion of the map, near Severny. Very close to thw two tunnels on the left and right side of the Firing Range, loot that shit.) Rozhok (If this place isn't hot like Falluja, there is a dedicated Dacia spawn in a garage on the middle-right side of the town. Guns are generally easy to find, attachments are shaky, and gear is also up to RNG gods. Don't expect tons of stim or health.) Severny (This town is generally untouched as it's in the top-middle of the map, and requires serious knowledge of how to play the rest of the map when driving from Severny to the respected white circle. Dope ass loot.) ALL OR NOTHING RAMBO TOWNS Poc (I hate this fucking place. Bound to be a conflict of Russian and ISIS proportions in this town, there's little to no meds and guns can be iffy. If you survive, you're the king of Africa. Congrats you filthy rat.) Georgeopol (Not much to say, huge military outpost people love to parachute to. FPS is disgusting around here, can get easily killed/tracked if not paying attention.) Mylta (Don't fucking go here please.) Gatka (No one goes here, come to this town if you want a m16 with a red dot in Top 10, and two kills.) EASY GUIDE TO WEAPONS FOR THE PLEBES M16A4 - Best AR in the game, definitely the most consistent and easily used gun in the game. No contest. AK-47 - If you don't have a M16, grab the AK. the AK has the most damage readout out of all the rifles, but it's accuracy and control is complete shit. Only actually somewhat comparable to the M16 if you're really good. SCAR - I love to hate this shit gun. The SCAR requires a suppressor to be optimal, and a 4x scope to be useful at all, whatsoever. Takes generally 4 body shots to down or more, 3 or so headshots to kill at medium range. Cannot long range whatsoever. M416 - Don't use it. M249 - I don't really know how to feel about this gun, it's incredibly good close-range and for killing downed players fast as shit, but anything more than 50 feet is no bueno. (CRATES ONLY) Tommy Gun - Don't. Just don't. (CRATES ONLY) AWM - Best sniper in the game, literally anyone can use this gun because the bullet drop is almost nonexistent and body shots anyone into knockdown. 10/10 would meme again. (CRATES ONLY) M24 - Almost as good as the AWM, uses 7.62 bullets which is incredibly useful if you snipe most of the BG. (CRATES ONLY) KAR98k - Most common Sniper in the game, has considerable bullet-drop you need to account for, but it is a solid shooter. OPTICS 8x - Generally only put this on snipers. Thing works. 4x - Sexy-ass medium-long range optic for M16's or any rifle or sniper. Holographic - Really good close-medium ranged sight that zooms in much more than the red dot. 10/10 Red Dot - Not super good, hard to see the small-ass dot in anything more than close fights. MEDS & STIMULANTS Painkillers - Give you full boost on healing. Energy Drinks - 40% boost or some shit, eat two to go fast as a Kenyan. Adrenaline Syringe - Gives you ridiculous boost and some other spooky shit. (CRATES ONLY) Med Kit - Gives you full health but is heavy as shit. Monitor how many you have. First-Aid - Gives you 75% health, easy way to get to full health with the assistance of stimulants. Bandages - Literally give you a sliver of health for a single bandage, take time to heal. STRATS Grab Car, go to coast towns Glide to military spots and float to vacant towns Wage war in central towns Military looting, and boat camping until forced to become a land mammal "Oh shit, I wasn't paying attention while lurking on Tinder and I ended up in some shit compound with a UMP and a painkiller" WORKING TOGETHER WITH YOUR DUO WHO IS PROBABLY JUST AS LOST AS YOU The only thing I can comment on this topic is stressing the importance of playing off your teammate, and always sticking with them regardless of what stage of the game you're in. If you're looting in a packed town in the beginning of the game, play the buddy system so you or your duo doesn't get shotgunned and start down a man. Late-game, letting the other nerds fight it out is the most important tactic, and only taking shots you absolute have to. Putting you and your duo in shitty situations will lead to early deaths in top 15 or lower and immense frustration. Play disciplined and work the edge of the circles together and take fights you can win. (Unfinished, going to play a game)
  13. Thanks bud