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    Anything science or game related; I am currently in pharmacy school in OH and if able will give some basic consultation to anyone who needs it.

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  1. Ratman's RD2: Power Rankings

    wtf report this toxic piece of shit
  2. DOTA 2 Gaming Night

    Game Night (DOTA style) This night will be devoted to the test of skills required to be a DOTA master! Eh... not really actually. These are custom games that will allow everyone who tries them to laugh and enjoy themselves! When: August 24, 2016, 9 EST Where: Get on DOTA 2 and TS How: Sign up! (Respond to this post with, Sign me up) Prizes: First Prize:$20 Steam Code, Second Prize:$10 Steam Code, Third Prize:$5 Steam Code The night will include the following games: Mirana Run, Hardcore Ninja, Pudge Wars, and a FFA Overthrow. These are all 10 player scenarios, so if more than 10 people sign up, we can run a couple lobbies. Mirana Run is Run Kitty or w/e that custom game was in WC3; 10 man ffa running game. Time limit 25 mins, whoever gets the most points (passes through the goal) wins that round (whopping 10 points) second gets 8 points and third gets 6 points while everyone from fourth onwards (4-8, 9th, and 10th) get 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points. HC Ninja is also a WC3 copy; You have 2 teams that spare off against each other, each having a 1 hp character that have shockwave, blink, stifling dagger, and refraction as your tools. The winning team after 15 rounds get 10 points while the losers get 5 points. Bonus points go to the best ninja (MVP) on both sides will get 5 points. Pudge Wars is a DOTA parody with Pudge; instakill hooks from opposite sides of a river. The winning team after the 15 rounds gets 10 points while the losers get 5 points. Bonus points go to the best pudge (MVP on both sides will get 5 points). Finally, the FFA Overthrow; this mode is all about honing your skills to the max. The twist for this mode is that there will be a list of heroes given out to each group on the night. Basically, you won't be able to practice heroes out for this mode. (The heroes will be assigned via random distribution done by me). The winner will get 10 points; there are will not be any extra points to be earned here. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/LW-sbSnLJMQ/maxresdefault.jpg P.S. The loser gets a Sodium Trophy in honor of @RDxJimmy-D