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  1. Welcome
  2. he gets lead, plays games for a week then goes and assassinates al-baghdadi the next week. come back fearless leader i fear for us all w/o you.
  3. bump? please dont give me another warning for forum spam
  4. 2 moths update was the VSS
  5. gratz. please dont make fractured space a requirement. thx
  6. i love Darwinism
  7. https://clips.twitch.tv/RepleteArborealTrollCoolStoryBro
  8. pro tips for bush wookies that have a guy literallty walking right past, gota lead em a bit or cook the nade and see if the sound spooks em.
  9. im sorry, im have a very dry way of communicating. But alas, get a win PFC Canadian.
  10. KrustyDoo coming in with 2, he just won his 2nd on NA
  11. no you can watch dinos poop while you are on an actual working toilet that gives you a buff!
  12. you have to be a winner to even be considered. you sir are not :D
  13. got my 1st AS win 2nd overall, im catching you sneaky. lawls
  14. my view distance is ultra magnum super deluxe range
  15. to buy Ark: Survival Evolved, it is right the FUCK now. ( sorry i dont normally curse) Regularly $50 for the game and dlc NOW ONLY $13.58 for everything ($9.59 for base) Over 100 dinos 13 caves to battle through over 20 secret base spots Speed boats, laser sharks, and the most brutal ocean in any game ever(cept jaws 1, that shit sucked) 4 bosses with more to come, each with 3 tiers of difficulty Advanced breeding mechanics- color mutation, ability mutation( just rediculous) one of the most stream lined clean HUDs and ui's ive ever seen People love this game and despise it at the same time. The reviews are very mixed but that is a fact, people love the game. Every major complaint on steam review stemmed from poor optimizations. Load lag, random disconnects, being frozen in doors, cave, poor fighting quality due to a fore mention issues. Also the fact that the game required so much of a computer that most ppl who ran the game risked their computer literally exploding. PATCH 258 has pushed the final major ingame content and is the first MAJOR round of sweeping optimizations. 2 more are planned in the near very near future as the game is coming out of alpha. As it stands now the game no longer risk a home explosion when being run on low settings. this is the most beautiful game ever made when run at settings. not to mention a little birdy told me that the RD members that own the game are going to run through it again. Come play with us, forever and ever and ever