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    It has been 3 years since Reborn Dominion was first started. That is 3 years of us growing together as a gaming community. 3 years of sharing moments of laughter and joy, but also times of sadness or frustration. We've built incredible friendships and overcome disagreement, and that is through your commitment. Whether its every night, when you remember, or as frequently as time allows, thank you to everyone reading this from Reborn Dominion for being a part of our community. Thank you for supporting our shared effort to bring fellowship and passion to gaming. As administrators, we promise to continue to adapt and remain flexible as Reborn Dominion evolves, while never sacrificing out commitment to putting members first. Reborn Dominion is founded on the principles of community, but was derived from painful lessons learned from a former gaming clan. We will not repeat the mistakes of our predecessors, and promise to remain active, open and transparent. Last but certainly not least, a sincere thank you to those members who lead in both gaming title and community activity. Your commitment to your fellow members, for moderation and leadership of those around you, and your continued passion is nothing short of amazing. YEAR IN REVIEW: MAJOR CHANGES What we've accomplished together over the last year THE MOVE TO DISCORD: The most apparent and community altering change made this past year was our transition from TeamSpeak3 to Discord. Thanks to the tireless integration efforts of Zen and those who support our systems team, we have been given and continue to see constant integration tools and helpful bots. Members are able to subscribe to game groups, check various game stats, and link their accounts to Reborn Dominion. TWITCH AFFILIATION: (Affiliation!) Reborn Dominion participated in series of streams, and thanks to the viewer ship and support of the community achieved affiliation. This was a major achievement, not simply because it lessened RD hosting costs through donated Prime Subscriptions, but more importantly it gave further legitimacy to Reborn Dominion. The doors to eager participants in RD who want to stream with us will remain open, and we challenge those new to Twitch to review the RD Twitch Guide , and ask about joining the RD Twitch Discord group/chat channel. THE 'MAIN PAGE': Halfway through 2017 we took a hard look at what 'RebornDominion.com' was supposed to be versus what we had currently on our home page. Utility was the name of the game as we looked hard restructuring the primary page of our site to support community integration and shared consciousness. We want you, the member, to know what Reborn Dominion was up to with a quick glance. Through integration efforts with Discord, Twitch and incredible coding efforts by our systems team, the Main Page was transformed into a functional front page. FUTURE: IMPROVING OUR POSITION We will conduct internal assessments of who we are, and what we want to become REMOVING THE FORUMS: As Reborn Dominion steps into our 3rd year, we intend to challenge ourselves in finding ways to improve and support our community. A major focus will be to make our community more efficient and user friendly, and encourage recruitment of quality members. This will be achieved with (2) major community changes; The first part will see a removal of the Reborn Dominion Forums with an expansion and added diversity to Reborn Dominion's Discord chat channels. Not only will this bring down hosting costs significantly, but we hope having all community discussion on one platform will bring us closer together. The second community undertaking will be to refine the function of our website to support growth and preserve history. We have begun researching options and layouts, and our intent will be to deliver to the community a sleek and professional website that you will be proud to brag about with your friends and colleagues. Together we will continue to grow and learn, sharing our mutual passion for gaming and Esports. TRUE MEMBERSHIP: We have begun looking at both officer roles and membership within Reborn Dominion, and believe simpler is is better. We want to Reborn Dominion to be fun, plain and simple. With that in mind, we will be looking at which officer roles are truly needed, and how effective the current hierarchy is at keeping with our values of community. With simplicity in mind, we have begun looking at options for maintaining formal accountability of our member base through options (potentially) such as Roll Call, mandatory registration through Website to Discord and community wide account reset. Before we enact any major community changes, we will strive to get feedback. FEEDBACK: One of the most important tools we have as leaders for Reborn Dominion is honest and constructive feedback from members in our community. We would ask that as we move forward together, that everyone in Reborn Dominion remember that they have a voice in helping to shape who and what Reborn Dominion will become. Zen, Slayer, Osama and Myself are always open to honest feedback and suggestion regarding any facet of Reborn Dominion. Expect exciting changes. Provide us with constructive feedback. Help the community Grow.
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    what is this madness!
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    @Osama @Slayer @Skull
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    Any issues, message myself @Nyx and @Slayer
  6. Destiny 2

    REBORN DOMINION is getting into Destiny 2! Come check out our Community Page for Destiny 2 HERE JOIN THE RD DESTINY TEAM Request to Join the RD DESTINY GROUP JOIN THE REBORN DOMINION DESTINY CLAN Join the REBORN GAMING DESTINY [RDX] in game clan Questions, Comments, Concerns? Please message @Exodus via Discord
  7. Twitch Affiliation!

    thanks @Blu3Creek! Took a bit of elbow grease and effort, but we're in it to win it now! :)
  8. SCREEN GRAB: VOTING THREAD Welcome to the voting thread! Thank you for taking the time to support your fellow RD members, their submissions, and our community! VOTING WILL BE OPEN UNTIL 01 OCT 2017 HOW TO VOTE Choose your favorite (3) screen shots below and submit your selections using the voting tool above. NOTE: please only submit for (3) submission. If you submit more then 3 votes, we'll have to remove your ALL your votes, which is no fun for anyone! Additional Notes... Replying to this thread (discussion) is allowed and encouraged! There will be only (1) first place and (1) second place; in the event of a 'tie', we'll conduct a 'vote off' between the eligible submissions ALL Reborn Dominion members are eligible to vote Don't vote for more then (3) submissions, Jesus is watching Submission #1 All the hard work to get into space to find my asteroid donut GAME TITLE: Space Engineers DATE TAKEN: August 12 2017 Submission #2 And here we have the remains of two whales that died while having sex. Completely scientifically accurate. GAME TITLE: World of Tanks DATE TAKEN: August 13, 2017 Submission #3 Real men fight the horde with a hammer GAME TITLE: 7 days to Decorate DATE TAKEN: July 31, 2017 Submission #4 Hangin with the Battlestar Pegasus (AKA "The Beast") GAME TITLE: Battlestar Galactica Online DATE TAKEN: 08/19/17 12:31am EST Submission #5 What [RD] Olivegarden Wish His Behavior Report Was... GAME TITLE: DOTA 2 DATE TAKEN: 08/29/17 12:37 am EST Submission #6 When your team dies and you can only trust your weapon. GAME TITLE: Overwatch DATE TAKEN: 8/31/17 Submission #7 Mexican Rocket League goon squad GAME TITLE: Rocket League DATE TAKEN: 8/30/2017 Submission #8 Boop it up! GAME TITLE: Over Watch DATE TAKEN: 8/30/2017 Submission #9 Who calls the FaceBreaker!? GAME TITLE: Path of Exile DATE TAKEN: 9/1/17 Submission #10 Everything changed when the fire nation attacked GAME TITLE: Playerunknown Battlegrounds DATE TAKEN: 9/4/17 Submission #11 Castle of the Nut King GAME TITLE: Minecraft DATE TAKEN: 9/4/17 Submission #12 You know you're an expert builder when your tower receives a halo. AME TITLE: Minecraft DATE TAKEN: 9/4/17
  9. Space Engineers

  10. RD Screen Grab Contest

    REBORN DOMINION COMMUNITY EVENT SCREEN GRAB CONTEST CONCLUSION Thank you to everyone in Reborn Dominion who voted and participated with a submission. We are excited and thrilled with the turn out, and take this as a sign that we should keep doing fun and easy events such as this! If anyone has feed back or suggestions, based on this event, or ideas for the next event, please message me or @Slayer. So, without further delay, the winners! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! 1st Prize @Druvhix Steam $50 Gift Card 2nd Prize @PreciselyPixels Steam $20 Gift Card Congratulations guys! ORIGINAL VOTING THREAD VOTING THREAD: CLICK ME! ORIGINAL OVERVIEW Reborn Dominion will be hosting a Screen Grab Competition through the month of August2017 This community event will be open to all registered Reborn Dominion Members, with Proper standing in Discord Event submissions will be open until 05SEP2017 Each RD Senior Staff member will choose (3) Pictures once submissions close Then the RD Community will vote on the selections, and a winner (and runner up) will be chosen! INSTRUCTIONS Reborn Dominion members will be allowed to SUBMIT ONE screen grab PER GAME taken anytime between 11AUG2017 and 05SEP2017 Submission photos have to be captured by the submitter, and must be from a game listed within the RD Discord VOICE CHANNELS. Submissions must be posted on the SCREEN GRAB SUBMISSION PAGE. Members are allowed to change their submission photos, but must edit their existing SCREEN GRAB post, and replace the previous photo with their new choice *The submission page is only for posting pictures. Comments/discussion posts will be deleted. POSTING FORMAT Copy/Paste the following into your submission post and filling in the values GAME TITLE: Insert the name of the game where you took the screen grab DATE TAKEN: When did you take this photo? IN GAME USER NAME: DISCORD USER NAME: CAPTION: Something catchy, you know, to win the judges over! (attach photo) ADDITIONAL RULES Contest is open to RD Members at the Rank of Captain and below 'Screen Grab' and 'Screen Shot' are the same thing, if you post properly, and the judges can view your submission, you're fine 'Proper standing in Discord' refers to members listed under the group 'MEMBER' in RD Discord Members can have multiple entries, but only one per Game Submissions must abide by the RD Code of Conduct Good luck to all of our contestants!
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