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  1. Curse of Strahd

    Howdy All, As you may know i will be hosting the next DnD sessions based on the Curse of Strahd Rule Book. You guys will be very free to do as you please with classes and race, however there will be a few rules. 1. No Mystic or artificer, I actually read that garbage and hell no, However custom classes and races are allowed with my permission so find some crazy stuff. 2. Backgrounds must be Spoopy or dark, i guess you could be a cleric just searching to purge the world of evil, however wheres the fun in being the only goody two-shoes in the group! 3. Sheets need to be done and sent to me Wednesday any time so i have a day to research and make sure its all good in the hood. 4. Chaotic evil, neutral and lawful alignments suggested but all alignments are allowed, you do you. 5. Try to talk among yourselves for your band of merry men, you guys will be rping a very well known band of Mercs/assassins so try to combine backstories, however go ahead and add whatever to your backstory Im not holding you back. 6. You all would know each other so please set up little groups, or whatever relationship you want to each other. 7. Prepare your chars at lvl 3, this is most likely still going to be a slaughter fest, so ill decide during game if re spawns are needed. 8. Have fun anymore questions about the rules ask me. Players- Dru- Dullahan Ghost Rider Slayer- Warmage Zen- Squirrel Slayer Strag- Pugilist Trollkin Kura- Ghost dooggo Dragoon Minku- Succubi escort Setting You have been tasked by the local town on the outskirts of a Vampires castle, and domain, to rid the land of the disgusting monster. Lucky for you Strahd has invited locals to come visit during the Spooky season for all sorts of jumps and scares, injury included. So under the guise of tourist group you head into Strahds Domain...
  2. Wow, some of these make me feel very inadequate... :( Ill have you all know i can perfect a game of minesweeper sooooo don't say your better then me :P Great pics though everyone!
  3. Zhenyas pretty cool right?