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  1. Whose fault was it :D and was ratman playing his classic TA again ?
  2. Gameleap is better tbh . Honestly you could ask one of the higher ranked members to to help out as well. Guides are only useful if u know what to look for . But keep going one can always get better at dota 2 :D
  3. please watch this video helps a lot with when to pull :)
  4. i shall join scrub squad again for a third season in a row.
  5. lul Ratman Templar assasin plays :)
  6. Welcome and pls be careful of this man here ^
  7. I agree with all of this except for ck . I think he is still trash tier for the pro scene due to his crappy manapool and fog ruining his best ability . The rng nature and lack of farming ability doesn't help either . Although his aghs is kinda alright i doubt illusions are gonna be any good this patch especially with the change to damage and difficulty in breaching high ground, I think lc is the strongest she has been in quite some time especially with the new offlane being the safelane.
  8. A ratman recruit this cant be good :D jokes aside welcome to the party pal.
  9. i mean if you werent 3k u would have won :p .
  10. shut up druh :) i was always the winner ;)
  11. or build items and stop complaining