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  1. Long Road

    Well... back in the saddle.. well. Actually feels like I don't even have a horse to ride. No need for hyperbole right now since this is just me venting out I guess. Basic plan. Recruit to fill ranks and get people on Discord for Voice comms. Basic chit chat copy and paste in different game stuff to get people rambling in game. Start small. Best of luck Kon Thanks Kon No problem Kon Look, let's not get this going... Why not? Well, because it's an open public posting of text. So? And... everyone could see us talking to ourselves. Oh.... my bad.
  2. K... So like he neighbor has some deal were he has seizures.  I guess it's genetic because his oldest son is the same way.  Bunch of holy rollers so they pray a lot (JWs) when the seizures happen.  I decided to help him (The Dad) out since he can't cut the grass.  He can't even drive now because he has had so many wrecks now that no insurance company will touch him.  Plus it's just good to get him off the road.. hence, he lost his licence to drive. I started off cutting his grass.  Then we had a pretty good storm roll through the area.  His hedges on the side of the house were out of control.  The hedges have basically killed off the trees around them along with vines of some wild as shit growing all through them.  I have been cutting and picking up hedge remains for about 4 days now... and I am still not finished.  


  3. Down in Florida since about mid Nov.. Been helping my Mom around the house.  It's not that she couldn't do anything.  It was that my family that was living with her were not doing anything and she just got contempt with the way things were.  I got sick of it.  

    So, been sanding, painting, cleaning, getting rid of old stupid shit, cutting the grass (total yard work basically), and really moving around a lot doing this or that.  Living room is finally doneish.. So much fucking dust.  For those that are not Facebook friends.  Here is something laugh at.


    1. Nyx


      Yes, and Buba loved it lol

  4. Things are going great. I have proven my worth so far as a asset for WOT FENRIR. Clan War staretegy is awesome so far.

  5. Currently doing the multi clan for WOT, as discussed before. FENRIR is other clan, we managed to beat a top 5 ranked Clan. We have our work cut out for us on Monday night.

  6. Are your interests really EVERYONES mom?

    1. KON


      well.. maybe just yours... :)

    2. Lucidly Dreaming

      Lucidly Dreaming

      Well... whatever you say homie, I don't envy you.

  7. Happy Birthday man!

  8. King of the Bums you are!!

    1. Lucidly Dreaming

      Lucidly Dreaming

      Where did this come from???!?!?!!?

  9. First!! You suck.. just thought I would let you know... but, I knew you knew and so you know I know but you already knew that.. right??

    1. StoneGolem183


      i knew that you knew so you knew that i knew wasn't new.

  10. Section is growing.. this is awesome to so many players to do Strongholds more often and set up tourneys!

  11. Been HD from WNx. From my understanding, they are changing the multi clan rule back to the "it's not allowed". Post are currently being moved and deleted on WNx to try and make things look "normal"ish.....