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    Anime, Food, Psychology, VideyaGamez, goal in life is to become a Forensic Psychologist, Jimmy's the saltiest sea captain I know :)

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  1. Before I wanted to get into this post I just wanted to thank @SgtCanadian for the opportunity in making myself a lieutenant for the Overwatch section. Now the fun begins. My objectives for the Overwatch section for now consist of the following: Growing the Overwatch section/community Scheduled game nights I for one think that the Overwatch community has lots of room to grow and could become one of our top sections, by bringing together our comrades we can bring lots of life back to the Overwatch section. :) -Phoenix
  2. The video's are comin together man! Was a memeful video :D
  3. I'll join the wannabe squad of 4.2k and under lol solo mmr: 3.3k/party 3k
  4. I'm interested in being on the heroic team sign me up boss (: lol
  5. Focus on driving pls
  6. Dragon Knight mid, Vengeful spirit and Witch Doctor, Sven safelane, Earth Spirit offlane
  7. ahahahaha classic
  8. 2.9k here i'll help ya out
  9. Important!

    RGB's post is so godly
  11. Name: Omar Age: 17 Location: Texas Sex: Always ;) Occupation: Student Schooling: High school First game you remember playing: Super Mario World 2 on the SNES Game that got you started in online gaming: Favorite Dota Hero: Rubick Least favorite Dota Hero: Techies (sorry Milosh) Other than nerd it up what else do you like to do in your spare time: Play basketball, soccer and party Post a picture of yourself!
  12. We are the weirdest group I swear
  13. New Member!