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  1. You still alive? :P Haven't talked to you for a while.

  2. Excuse me. Where might the bathroom be located? I can't seem to find my way around its changed so much since I last visited.

    1. Osama


      Which bathroom are you looking for exactly, I'd hate to assume your gender and start a race war or something.

    2. TrAffic


      I'm looking for the little aliens room as I'm not from this place since the war

  3. Hey man it's awesome being here. I tried to reply the other day when you noticed and welcomed me but I have a little trouble surfing this site on mobile, it may be on my end idk. But I totally understand why RDx was created and I think it's a big step in the right direction.

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    2. Psylentknight


      I won't lie I was against it at first as I'm Extremely loyal and was hoping WN could be fixed. After waiting it out until January this year, I realized you guys were right. So, I joined the most familiar place and again glad to be here and sorry if you ever heard about me talking bad about you guys in the beginning. 

    3. Osama


      I can completely understand that. I was in your same position when stuff like this happened before. It's why I took the MG spot and tried working my ass off. Idk how much of what actually happened came out on that side, but in the end I basically stayed up to 4 AM (on a school and workday) trying to convince them to put in a few changes that could have been put into place in a week max but they refused. I still wish them the best, no hard feelings. Just trying to logon everyday and have fun and build something, not deal with BS.


      I'm sure many people were adamantly against what we did, but for me it was just an endless cycle. 

    4. Psylentknight


      I agree now 100% time to move on! I'm here to help regardless of rank or anything just let me know if you need me. I'm without a PC atm so I'm limited though

  4. Congrats you little bastard

    1. Crusnik


      Thanks, man ^^

  5. Osama... YOU WERE SO WRONG ABOUT KIRA DOING WELL AS AN ADMIN! (I was so right) You should just uninstall the internet you noob. : http://warriornation.net/Forum/showthread.php?t=713172&page=6

    1. Osama


      It was true at the time :P

      I accept your request to uninstall though. One sec...Ok done. Internet Explorer has been removed. :D

  6. What a scrub, he is spamming his profile to people.

    1. Misintent


      It's so people can see my awesome gif

  7. well I'm bummed, I had written my reply to you & I freaking closed the tab. >:[= ]

    1. Osama


      It happens, I'm unfortunately prone to such incidents so I know the feeling.

  8. Happy Birthday punk!

  9. Clan Meeting

    Link to Info
  10. Happy Birthday you freakin noob! <3

    1. WildBill


      You're such a great boss ;-)

  11. Somebody get this man a cookie

    1. Osama


      Btw, yes to Alfons and company.

  12. haha he figured it out :P

  13. oh GOD, its NARUTO. kage bunshin no jutsu!