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  2. Path of Exile

  3. Yo RGB bro. Wheres the logo my friend.

    1. RGB


      Hey Slayer, I'll be back home in a couple of weeks and have time to focus on your logo.

  4. I haven't forgotten your logo! 

    I'm away from home working on a design project.

  5. DnD Stream!

    Weekly Friday Night DnD Stream!
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  7. Oh shit its your birthday!


  8. Welcome to Reborn Dominion!

  9. Welcome to the new home !

  10. Your welcome post is put together really well, thought I'd let you know.

  11. Happy Birthday !!!!

  12. So when are we going to discuss some Biochem?

    1. Slayer


      So Stem cells are your sort of thing. Awesome. Also went into research in that area. What kind of research lab do you work in right now?

    2. Sassy


      I work in a lab that looks into the neural mechanisms of Fragile X Syndrome (kinda similar to Autism, but as you may know, Autism is super general). So we use mouse models and do alot of gene knockouts to do neuron staining and whatnot to see the morphology of neurons from stem cell to mature. Lovvvve it. What are you up to in the science field?