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  1. Although this isnt the 3month patch, if this is already fixing stuff and making the servers much smoother than i can't wait for the 3month :o
  2. Yeah it is, hoping they fix a lot more stuff
  3. may be to do with view distance not too sure, i have to be rather close to the building i'm landing on to see any loot ontop of it. wasn't like that before the patch but it's not the end of the world
  4. Pretty known issue and annoying as fork when it happens :/..
  5. +1 this game is insane for how much it's worth right now, can easily get 1k+ hours if you're try out modded servers as well
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/YummyBusyChipmunkUncleNox https://clips.twitch.tv/CarefulRealWombatWholeWheat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/148005565?t=04h46m50s - The rest of the game after team died both of those clips were in the same game :D:D
  7. Wasn't fake news, they said on twitter it was going to be delayed until next week, wasn't until later that day they fixed whatever and tweeted it'll actually be going live
  8. Patch is delayed until next week as there's a bunch of problems with it that need fixing.
  9. The monthly patch is going to give us some nice fps gains if they include the optimization towards other players. Right now my fps usually only takes a hit when there's other players near me. Excited for the monthly tbh
  10. Still prefer summit over him but yeah, his videos are alright
  11. Didn't think the second nade was going to hit, pretty sick :D
  12. Hey man, how're you doing? (other name was WNxShaZz)
  13. WNxShaZz was my other name, remember that atleast? xD
  14. Hey how've you been, I remember you :D