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  1. Most of us have seen Redground's "power rankings". It was funny...witty..but entirely inaccurate. His ability to power rank re 1. Ratman: So we have our issues. But really this Ratman kid is the second coming. Reminds me of an early Dendi combined SumaiL. He doesn't really enjoy playing one role but the man has amazing talents and is extremely versatile. He actually has his 4 teammates share control, tells them to sit back and enjoy the show. He's a man's man and is destined for great things. The weaknesses of the team are that there aren't enough good teams in the league to keep them excited. Steil is the glue of positivity, a cool dude and if anything was a steal from Redground so he didn't get another one of his groupies. 2. El Dongerino: Pretty decent team....WAY better than Red's team 3. Burgeoning: Not as good as El Dongerino but WAY better than Red's team 4. Bruni: Not as good as Burgeoning but makes Red's team look pretty bad 5. Ion Dissonance: Will rape Red's team 6. THE ONE: Also will rape Red's team 7. Inquisitor35: Also will rape Red's teamam 8. Steaming pile of outhouse shit : This isn't an actual team...but a pile of dogshit I saw on my way to work yesterday...made me think that this pile of shit is better than Red's team 9. Redground's team : Where do I start. World hunger, AIDs, Slavery, World War 2. All travesties in the world which are actually breathes of fresh air. I am trying to think of the some of the garbage teams in Sports history. I come up with a few Cleveland Browns over the past 10 years in the NFL. Miami Marlins in MLB. A team I was on with Brinx 3 years ago. My daughter's Gymnastics team. All teams that would wreck Red's team in DOTA right now. I was thinking maybe I am being too hard on his team right now, but actually everything I am writing being pretty generously positive in my assessment. I hope that by the end of the season Red and his brother HappyHobo have decided on a new game to be bad at.
  2. WHO THE **** ARE YOU?

    Hey Everyone! Thought it would be cool to get a little more personal around here. No RUN not that kind of personal, perhaps later though. I've always enjoyed these types of threads and wanted to get one going. Below is a template of questions to help prompt replies. You don't have to answer every question as this is all optional, we will all just think you are hiding something if you don't. Name: Age: Location: Sex: Occupation: Schooling: First game you remember playing: Game that got you started in online gaming: Favorite Dota Hero: Least favorite Dota Hero: Other than nerd it up what else do you like to do in your spare time: Post a picture of yourself! Name: Bret Age: 27 Location: Seattle Washington Sex: Always Occupation: Physician Account Executive for Quest Diagnostics Schooling: Bachelors degree in Marketing First game I remember playing: Mario Brothers on Nintendo and then a lot of Legend of Zelda on GameBoy Game that got you started in online gaming: I was ADDICTED to Nox. Little game created by Westwood Studios that was the shit! Had a lot of RL friends playing but I took it to another level. Favorite Dota Hero: Lina right now....so purty Least favorite Dota Hero: Slark...go die in a fire you piece of trash Other than nerd it up what else do you like to do in your spare time: Love to play Softball, play with my two year old daughter and make sweet passionate relations with my wife. Post a picture of yourself: Drunken night below..contemplating my life decisions