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    GAME TITLE: 7 days to Decorate DATE TAKEN: July 31, 2017 IN GAME USER NAME: Tagteam DISCORD USER NAME: Tagteam Real men fight the horde with a hammer http://steamcommunity.com/id/tagteam421/screenshot/863981360762070765
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    GAME TITLE: World of Tanks DATE TAKEN: August 13, 2017 IN GAME USER NAME: MrAnkylasuarus DISCORD USER NAME: MrAnkylasuarus And here we have the remains of two whales that died while having sex. Completely scientifically accurate.
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    GAME TITLE: Space Engineers DATE TAKEN: August 12 2017 IN GAME USER NAME: Benderman2003 DISCORD USER NAME: Benderman2003 CAPTION: All the hard work to get into space to find my asteroid donut