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    to buy Ark: Survival Evolved, it is right the FUCK now. ( sorry i dont normally curse) Regularly $50 for the game and dlc NOW ONLY $13.58 for everything ($9.59 for base) Over 100 dinos 13 caves to battle through over 20 secret base spots Speed boats, laser sharks, and the most brutal ocean in any game ever(cept jaws 1, that shit sucked) 4 bosses with more to come, each with 3 tiers of difficulty Advanced breeding mechanics- color mutation, ability mutation( just rediculous) one of the most stream lined clean HUDs and ui's ive ever seen People love this game and despise it at the same time. The reviews are very mixed but that is a fact, people love the game. Every major complaint on steam review stemmed from poor optimizations. Load lag, random disconnects, being frozen in doors, cave, poor fighting quality due to a fore mention issues. Also the fact that the game required so much of a computer that most ppl who ran the game risked their computer literally exploding. PATCH 258 has pushed the final major ingame content and is the first MAJOR round of sweeping optimizations. 2 more are planned in the near very near future as the game is coming out of alpha. As it stands now the game no longer risk a home explosion when being run on low settings. this is the most beautiful game ever made when run at settings. not to mention a little birdy told me that the RD members that own the game are going to run through it again. Come play with us, forever and ever and ever
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    gratz. please dont make fractured space a requirement. thx
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    Where we're going, we wont need roads... http://i.imgur.com/AZYcQQr.gifv
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    https://clips.twitch.tv/YummyBusyChipmunkUncleNox https://clips.twitch.tv/CarefulRealWombatWholeWheat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/148005565?t=04h46m50s - The rest of the game after team died both of those clips were in the same game :D:D
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    Rat is supreme dota leader and Nyx is supreme clan leader? which way is the exit?
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    Well Deviox, as you know, I got a strike for my behaviour here. So, I figured i'd write an apology here too, and explain my train of thought. I've never had an issue with you personally or anything. Shit. I voted to let you back in when you got banned. I'm glad you came back, and I'm really glad you streamed. We gave you twitch keys, which was awesome. I even watched you too! I'm disappointed that's not a thing anymore. Where did you go? I perhaps took it too personally that you went off to do your own thing, and decided to ditch RD - at least that's how it feels. What did we do that made you chase a solo adventure? I can't help but to think we did something wrong, and you've left us. That being said, I'm going to support you doing your own thing. What I don't like, is how you've elevated a step above everyone else with your own personal pro team. I don't see any forum threads here asking for people who want to join your team, or even try out. I get that you might be good at the game, but you've effectively said that we're not good enough for you as well. Had you of gone and done your own thing, that's fine. However, you post videos here for us to praise you, yet there's nothing we can do. Look at another perspective, Womble or someone of the sort. I get that he's an insanely popular youtuber/streamer, but he has his clan written all over it. He only plays with 5 people. Shit, I've met one of his friends too from ZF clan, and he even says, Womble has a small clique and he doesn't even get to play with him all that often. He's a celebrity. But do you see at least how he gives shoutouts to his community? His videos are full of references, and his stream is too. He's not shy of where he came from, and he loves that place. Why don't you love us? Where's the recognition? We took a gamble on re-admittance but you take off and leave us with videos? How does this help RD? If people watch your stream, how do they get to play with you? Are they even aware you were here or is that something you cover up? I'm not a fan of anyone who posts content that doesn't really help out. Give us options. We have members here that want to play, and you're not benefiting the community that I see. You know what I'd say makes sense? Pick up LT, and run your pro squad within RD. We're here to support you, but not when you don't want to be affiliated with us. I don't care for anyone coming here to show off their own personal work. If everyone did this, we'd be dead already. Where's the communal pride? To a degree, I overreacted. I do apologize for being a dick directly towards you. Though, I hope you understand my side and see where I'm coming from. You left home, and only send postcards of how well you're doing. Come home, Deviox, come home.
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    They need to fix more of the random ass client crashes. I've noticed that they're more randomly in the middle of a match versus off the bat, which makes it super annoying because you're already partially invested into a round and don't want to instantly hop out.
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    This patch will be deployed to the main servers on Thursday, June 22nd, 5 PM KST / 8 AM UTC / 1 AM PDT Expected to take approximately 1 hour to complete. No additional content with this patch, focus is on Optimization and Performance The test server is already live Server Performance Resolved an issue with server performance dropping drastically in certain circumstances. Client Performance Improved rendering performance of other characters. Improved client performance during ranged combat. Improved rendering performance of vehicles, motorbikes, and boats at a distance. Improved the rendering performance of weapon effects at a distance. Bug Fix Fixed a client crash that occurred when changing character appearance. Prevented users from removing shadows by changing Steam launch options. Fixed a bug that caused players to fire more ammo than the amount loaded. Fixed a bug that caused lung icon to be displayed as full while taking damage due to lack of oxygen underwater. Fixed an issue with indoor walls and objects overlapping each other. Fixed a bug that caused the wooden doors inside houses to have a metallic gloss. Fixed a bug that caused some parts of the clothing to be shown when firing a weapon while aiming down sights, using 4x or higher scopes. Fixed a bug that caused players to enter the DBNO state after drowning. You will now die immediately after taking fatal damage from lack of oxygen. Fixed a bug that prevented the use of healing items after firing full auto mode. Fixed a bug that caused flower beds to be shown incorrectly at a distance Partially fixed a bug that caused a character to be stuck in terrain. Partially fixed a bug that caused the camera to pass through some objects.
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    Greetings! It is not very often you seen me posting announcements, and in this case it is one of the harder ones I have had to make. After speaking with @SgtCanadian he has made the decision to step down from his position of Lieutenant General (Clan Leader). @SgtCanadian stepped up when @Osama decided to step back from the a leadership role. Since the day of his promotion he has been essential in the development of our framework and how RD runs as a clan today. He has spent countless hours working with myself and the operations team to develop the uniqueness that is RD. I can honestly say that we probably wouldn't be were we are today without the work Sgt put into this clan. On behalf of Osama and myself, I would like to thank @SgtCanadian for the time and dedication he put into RD and wish him the absolute best in his future ventures. I am sure we will continue to see him around the forums and teamspeak/discord, he loves this place to much to just leave :D. A few words from @SgtCanadian With Sgt stepping down I spoke with operations to see who would step up, and they the decision was made. I would like to congratulate... @Nyx View full news
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    Sad to see @SgtCanadian to go :( . Gratz tho to @Nyx
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    Nice! Love supporting private community videos. On that note, we should advertise more womble videos... hmm
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    he gets lead, plays games for a week then goes and assassinates al-baghdadi the next week. come back fearless leader i fear for us all w/o you.
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    With the recent update, we are going to be hosting two Ark servers! RD Fun Server - Ark: Scorched Earth | 5x Gather | 10x Tame Rate | Increased other shit IP: Password: rdfuntimes Mods Used - Stack Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849372965 RD Normal Server - Ark: Vanilla IP: Password: rdfun General Rules - Don't be a dick - Don't grief - Pretty much it
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    Played on the test server, it seemed way better. Hopefully that transfers to the live servers.
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    Yeah it is, hoping they fix a lot more stuff
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    Sorry I meant 3 month**
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    2 moths update was the VSS
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    An intern just started for the summer. She's about 21 and getting a sweet deal for this internship too. Free housing in a nice area, transportation and 18k for the two months. When I was in college...That's the type of deal where I would have gladly volunteered in a gladiatorial combat arena just to get. Anyways. Co-workers and I were talking about Dave Chappelle's latest comedy special. She was completely lost, had no idea who Dave Chappelle is. I was shocked, I know Dave was basically gone for like ten years... but.. I just... don't get it.
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    She's in an actuarial development program. We've made a handful of busy work assignments for her. Basically just feeding her some data, mostly financial, and telling her what to look for. But yea, Sgt probably on the money... she's hawt & wears tight clothing I had friends who had to PAY several thousand dollars to get an internship. It didn't offer any better experience or training than any of the free or contract/job like internships.
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    Is this still accurate? I thought I read somewhere that they changed sights where the sights are now aligned with the barrel, which leads to differences in shots now as opposed to before.
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    Here is a list of known work arounds for common bugs that are found in game, sourced by the community. These are temporary until the team at Bluehole can get a chance to permanently resolve them. These are not guaranteed fixes and they may not work for everyone. If you have a work around please post it here and we'll add it to the list. 1. Unable to use Medkit/Bandages/Pills and other boost items. WA- Drop your weapons and pick them back up, this should enable healing and boost items WA2- Firing your weapon one time has been reported to correct this bug as well. 2. Before getting to the main menu you face THIS screen. WA - You will want to run CC Cleaner and Malwarebytes. This also goes if you have a website pop up before you get to the main menu. 3. Stuck on an infinite loading screen where you can still hear game sounds. WA-"There is a fix circulating around that switching your game to a SSD works, however if you're like me you don't own an SSD. I found a fix that works for me 100% of the time that does not require an SSD. Once you are loaded into the game and can hear the audio, ALT+TAB out of and then into the game. Once you're window focuses back in, open your inventory (default: TAB). It will vary on the speed on which it takes the loading screen to go away, but it usually fixes before you get in the plane." 4. Stuck on "matching", unable to cancel or get into a game. WA - "We have found a temporary workaround that you may use until the real issue is resolved. Create a new Steam account or login to a preexisting account that does not own the game. Log back into the main Steam account affected by the bug. Allow Family-Sharing (via Steam) from said main account to the new/secondary account. Log back into the new/secondary account, start the game, and create a new character. Note: This workaround will not carry over any progress/settings/configuration from your primary account. 5. Lost Connection to Server WA - note: when i say the lost connection to server bug i mean the one where after you been playing for 10 minutes or so you suddenly cannot reload or open doors and then a few minutes later you get disconnected from the server. this might help the people who just cant get the game to work at all but ive not tested it. So after some testing i found out that its updates to windows enhancing their firewall making it happen. The recent creators update messes things up i think. If you turn the firewall off totally it works great. but thats hardly a solution i wouldnt recommend leaving your firewall off permanently. What i did was go into the windows firewall and create an outbound rule here is a guide if your not into this stuff https://www.howtogeek.com/112564/how-to-create-advanced-firewall-rules-in-the-windows-firewall/ is a "public" network if you have to choose. so go new rule, then program.. you have to locate the tslgame.exe which for me was %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64\TslGame.exe Then just allow it all for the rest and that should stop windows stopping it communicating with the server halfway through a game. 6. Unable to revive teammates @Ratman "If this hapoens to you, switch guns then try again. It fixes the bug. " 7. If you encounter the below message in the upper left: WA- "Open up the Command Prompt as administrator and type netsh winsock reset and then try again. If that is not working try to flush your DNS. Just do the same as before mentioned and just type ipconfig /flushdns. Hope it works." 8. If you are experiencing a crash due to a flashbangs/gernades please lower your effect settings to avoid this for now while the team works on a proper fix. @Slayer 9. If you are experiencing being knocked down or killed before dropping from a plane... In the lobby before the loading screen into the plane, jump into the water and go for a swim. 10. AMD FX FPS smoothing and sound correction "I found the cure for AMD FX !! DISABLE IN BIOS: 1- Cool'n'Quiet 2- Turbo Boost or Turbo Core or AMD Turbo Tecnology or Core performance Boost. I'm Brazilian, sorry the translator, tested by 30 people ... my configuration: FX 8350 + r7 360 + 16gb Stable FPS 60/53 and no frame drops !! 11. Disabling Steam Overlay has been noted to help reduce the random crashing. @Slayer @Migetsu 12. Issues with fullscreen mode... "What I did: 1st, in Steam Library, go to PUBG's Game Properties (Right Click > Properties) 2nd, Set Launch Options - Put this: -fullscreen 3rd, went to PUBG's main folder which is in: G:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64 I've put PUBG in my G: directory so change it to where you've put yours and just navigate. 4th, right click on TslGame.exe NOT TslGame_BE, then go to Compatibility, uncheck Override Highscaling DPI behavior blablalba 5th, Boot the game and set its Settings to Window mode, then choose your desired lower resolution, close the game then boot it up again.. PROFIT" 13. Rain freezes during match... This is due to reshade. For now I would recommend to disable reshade. 14. G502 Mouse Issues -Switch to Fullscreen instead of Windowed(-Fullscreen) -Deactivate smooth mouse accleration in windows. -Thanks, @RoboDanjal Via steam forums! 15. How to fix crashes (one possibility) & shadows inside buildings This worked for me post-patch. I played 10 consecutive games without crashing at all. 1. Go find your INI files at "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config" 2. Copy all your INI files, create a new folder, name it "BACKUP INI" or whatever, and paste your INI files inside the new folder. 3. Delete all of your INI files in the folder mentioned at step 1 (do not delete the INI files in your backup folder, this is just in case it shits the bed). 4. Verify game cache. 5. Load up your game with fresh new INI files. 6. Edit your hotkeys, mouse sensitivity, graphical settings, etc. 7. Your good to go. You can go back to your backup INI file to find out your mouse sensitivity and hotkeys. Like this
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    Taking wonder women's plane into battle it would seem....
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    This is cool and all, but I just want a functioning server that actually spawns loot and people.
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    When you're video editing you'll realistically want the raw files for the best quality. Using a twitch export is a very poor mans way of doing this. How much space do we have on the RD Box? We have a fileshare program already (don't worry Osama, you can let the men handle it). I'm thinking just using filegator and coordinating between us for shit. Worst case, turn media.reborndominion.com into an FTP site.
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    Compiled links for the most easily accessible cool shit I've broadcasted. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/139553774 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/140001010 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/140000541 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/139999889 https://clips.twitch.tv/TallPoisedStingrayKippa https://clips.twitch.tv/CulturedOriginalSushiSmoocherZ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/139531209 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/138868518 (Starts at 32:00)
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    @Zen and @SgtCanadian , we need to hang these larger files somewhere to compile into compilation vids; several members are recording awesome footage now, would be nice to have an open/member restricted location for guys to hang video, to make RD PUBG episodes include more players. Nice vids @Jord @Osama has some good vids too!
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    This is absolute gold tag. This is so true. I couldn't stop laughing!
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