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  2. Long Road

    Yay all the mouthbreathers!
  3. Long Road

    Marathon running, plenty of plebs on, enjoy recruiting.
  4. Long Road

    Oh shit, what a turn of events, KON is back! And he hasn't changed one bit. Good luck!!
  5. Long Road

    @Osama @Slayer @Skull
  6. Long Road

    Well... back in the saddle.. well. Actually feels like I don't even have a horse to ride. No need for hyperbole right now since this is just me venting out I guess. Basic plan. Recruit to fill ranks and get people on Discord for Voice comms. Basic chit chat copy and paste in different game stuff to get people rambling in game. Start small. Best of luck Kon Thanks Kon No problem Kon Look, let's not get this going... Why not? Well, because it's an open public posting of text. So? And... everyone could see us talking to ourselves. Oh.... my bad.
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