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Welcome to Reborn Dominion

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Welcome to Reborn Dominion Defense of the Ancients II

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  2. Rat is supreme dota leader and Nyx is supreme clan leader? which way is the exit?
  3. Welcome
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  5. Welcome @Muka
  6. Welcome @Muka!
  7. PLEASE WELCOME TO THE DOTA 2 DIVISION @Muka RECRUITED BY: @Legion123 __________________________________________________________________________________ BASIC GUIDELINES: Remember to be active in TeamSpeak3, in the forums and in game. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask myself or any officer within the DOTA 2 Division. Take the time to meet other members in the community, join conversations on TeamSpeak3 and have fun with fellow Reborn Dominion members in DOTA2! Don't forget to join our Steam group to receive important updates, invitations and reminders from the Division! (Click Image to Join!) __________________________________________________________________________________ Division Leaders @Ratman OPERATIONS OFFICER OPEN COMMUNITY OFFICER @RDxDruvhix __________________________________________________________________________________ Division Laws DIVISION LAW 1 - ACTIVITY: DOTA 2 Primary Members with 90 days of inactivity are subject to removal from Dota 2 as a primary. Section Leadership will make a concerted effort utilizing TeamSpeak3, Steam, and other social media to contact the absent member to encourage forum participation to avoid removal from primary. Members found inactive past 90 days will have their account removed from primary and will also be removed from the DOTA 2 Steam group. The decision to remove an inactive member from primary will be assessed and the final decision will be at the discretion of the GM. DIVISION LAW 2 - GAME BEHAVIOR: No member of Reborn Dominion under any circumstances are to flame or rage at any player. Regardless if they are a member of RD or not. Enemy or teammate player, it does not matter. Do not rage at anyone. You are expected to treat all teammates and players with the highest amount of respect. No member of RD is permitted for any reason to purposefully throw a DOTA 2 game, or rage abandon a game. We will treat purposeful throwing as we would cheating & hacking. You are expected to stay with your team in any game. DIVISION LAW 3- COMPETITIVE TEAMS: Reborn Dominion competitive teams must receive a higher priority than any other team for all practices and matches that are schedule by the Guild Master, Competition Officer, or Team Captain. Exceptions to this will be made on a case by case basis by the Guild Master, Competition Officer, or Team Captain. Providing any information regarding the competitive teams that could be used to hurt or harm Reborn Dominion and the Dota 2 Division may be punishable. __________________________________________________________________________________ Team Speak Server Setup TeamSpeak3 is Free Voice Chat Software: Download Here Server Address: TS3.RebornDominion.com Password: (No Password) Username: Your RD Forum Name without RDx (Example: RDxSlayer ---> Slayer) Like this
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/6ifx4t/competitive_meta_trends_galaxy_battles_the_summit/?utm_content=title&utm_medium=hot&utm_source=reddit&utm_name=DotA2 So these have been interesting to look through. The main things I look at are pick rates; 1st picks/bans are essential to a good draft.
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  10. just checking in to not get removed from rd lol
  11. Meme tiny build tower push juke & escape. Trying hard for those mmrs xd.
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