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Clan Roster

Division Leader: @Dirty



We are accepting Veterans and rookies alike. Casual Competitive Clan, War is always on!



Want help tweaking base layouts, what to upgrade next, need new army formation ideas? ASK!

Remember we are more than just a Clash of Clans clan, we are a gaming community.

Feel free to explore the rest of what we have to offer!



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Server: ts3.reborndominion.com



1.    If someone requests a certain troop, troop level, spell or spell level only give them what they ask for!

2.    When in a war, you must listen to a co-leader, leader or war council member. Meaning do not just attack whatever and when you want too. It messes up strategy.

3.    You must use both attacks during war unless otherwise advised. (this is for multiple reasons.1 being if the war is won you get more loot for using your second attack on something you can 1 star. 2 being if we are going to lose, its more practice and practice makes perfect. 3 being we may need that second attack so someone higher knows trap placements and what’s in the cc to ensure a 3 star attack)

4.    Be Friendly! Not everyone is a try hard. (Joking is one thing but being a dick is different)

5.    Not participating and all rule breaking will be discussed among co-leaders to determine course of action needing to be taken

6.    Donate as much as you can, if we feel like you are using us to only better yourself and not the clan revert back to rule breaking. (I know the difference between people not wanting what you have to offer and you just not donating. There will be many opportunities where myself or other will not limit to what can be donated to us.)

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