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  1. Earlier
  2. I'm going to do a protector Aasimar Ranger
  3. probably do wizard or ranger
  4. I'm up man, if you are not already full. I'm thinking a gnome, maybe a druid if its not taken.
  5. I would like to Bard it up man
  6. I am going to try a fighter this time around.
  7. Well if no has chosen it yet, I was going to be a sorcerer.
  8. I'm up for it, if there is still room.
  9. Sure
  10. yay more dnd
  11. Down for sure.
  12. sure Minotaur Cleric
  13. Im down.
  14. This will be a 5th edition DND campaign. All players welcome regardless of experience. The kind of games I try to run are - Focused on open world - Role play centric - Immersive - Engaging - I don't try to punish my players. Mostly guide you along as we tell a story together. This will be held on roll20. Party is full. Players: Slayer - Tiefling Bard Druvhix - Minotaur Cleric Donkey - Kenku Warlock Minku - Aasimar Ranger Zen - Fighter Sypher -Tiefling Sorcerer Kura - Gnome Druid Character Creation Sourcebooks are provided in the following google drive link. Feel free to use any class/race/background combo from any of the books here. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-wEkHB7epf6cEgtQ2pQUlY4MVE?usp=sharing I ask that you talk to me before choosing Drow, Duregar, or a race that isn’t found in the Core Rulebook before making a decision. Sword Coast: Races, Classes and Backgrounds Elemental Evil: Races (No Aarakocra), Spells Volo’s: Races Unearth Arcana’s class options are also fair game. No Artificer or Mystic. https://www.learningdnd.com/resource/unearthed-arcana-list/ You will be starting at level 4 Preferably no Evil alignments, unless you can sell me on it. For variety I want you to all start with different classes. As a house rule no darkvision will go past 60ft. Background: List 3 events essential to your characters background, be it previous adventures or events. ex. joining a cult List your characters goals and things you want to see happen to them. ex. earns the respect of the king. List 1 or 2 secrets about your character. Keep in mind secrets your character might not know yet. ex. Father was in a cult List 3 people people that are tied to your character through blood, romance or honor. Include the relationship you have with them. .ex (name here) King, knight in good standing. I'm still working on world building but feel free to create a story for your character il try to incorporate it into the world. Should have a world map soonish. I'm asking that your character has some form of relationship with another PC. Be it relatives, friends, rivals, adventuring partners, drinking buddy's anything at all. This should help create a sort of bond that will help rp at the beginning of the story. Where we will begin. You and a group of adventurers are hired by the Archmage Illian Val'Maren from the continent of Mawala. You're sent to the continent of Utris to retrieve a Wardstone from Archmage Vuxius Tolage. You depart to Utera via a ship called The Sentinel. Along your journey a violent storm pushes the ship into a reef and it capsizes. Leaving the party waking up on a beach. Best way to get reach of me is to send me a message on discord.
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