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  2. Long Road

    Yay all the mouthbreathers!
  3. Destiny 2

  4. The Shopping District (Labeled)

    time to update this, we have new shops
  5. Long Road

    Marathon running, plenty of plebs on, enjoy recruiting.
  6. Long Road

    Oh shit, what a turn of events, KON is back! And he hasn't changed one bit. Good luck!!
  7. Long Road

    @Osama @Slayer @Skull
  8. Long Road

    Well... back in the saddle.. well. Actually feels like I don't even have a horse to ride. No need for hyperbole right now since this is just me venting out I guess. Basic plan. Recruit to fill ranks and get people on Discord for Voice comms. Basic chit chat copy and paste in different game stuff to get people rambling in game. Start small. Best of luck Kon Thanks Kon No problem Kon Look, let's not get this going... Why not? Well, because it's an open public posting of text. So? And... everyone could see us talking to ourselves. Oh.... my bad.
  9. WHO THE **** ARE YOU?

    Name: Mike Age: 29 Location: Toronto Sex: Male Occupation: Day trading Schooling: Bachelor of Arts and Science, diploma in Video game design and development First game you remember playing: Contra Game that got you started in online gaming: Starcraft Favorite Dota Hero: Riki Least favorite Dota Hero: Meepo Other than nerd it up what else do you like to do in your spare time: Rock climbing, Shoot pool Post a picture of yourself! Mike.jpg
  10. Need Help: I suck at discord

    Any issues, message myself @Nyx and @Slayer
  11. Destiny 2

    Bout time!
  12. Need Help: I suck at discord

    Go to discordapp.com and try to login with your email, it should log you into your discord account, then follow the discord link.
  13. When I click the discord link it opens the channel in chrome, but I can't message or anything. I also can't seem to open the channel on my desktop app. Do I need to be invited or authorized on the channel? It also says that I'm using an unclaimed account, but I'm definitely not, and when I try to claim it I get a message that says the email address is already registered.
  14. Destiny 2

    REBORN DOMINION is getting into Destiny 2! Come check out our Community Page for Destiny 2 HERE JOIN THE RD DESTINY TEAM Request to Join the RD DESTINY GROUP JOIN THE REBORN DOMINION DESTINY CLAN Join the REBORN GAMING DESTINY [RDX] in game clan Questions, Comments, Concerns? Please message @Exodus via Discord
  15. RD Spoopy movie night?

    Friday the 13th is always a classic. I'm for that one.
  16. Reborn Dominion

  17. Streamer House

  18. The idea has been brought up before, and I think it would be fun to have a movie night for Halloween. If you think it would be fun go ahead and vote, post your movie suggestions below! Current suggestions: IT (2017) [Might be able to get my hands on a copy] Friday the 13th (Classic?)
  19. Twitch Affiliation!

    B====D's all around to the ppl that watch the stream for the #'s
  20. Twitch Affiliation!

    Awesome work...that's a great milestone, keep up the great job!
  21. Twitch Affiliation!

    Damn, nice. The hell were the requirements?
  22. Twitch Affiliation!

    Already subbed before this was posted :P
  23. Twitch Affiliation!

    thanks @Blu3Creek! Took a bit of elbow grease and effort, but we're in it to win it now! :)
  24. Twitch Affiliation!

    Awesome to hear that you guys are Affiliated now! Once my free Prime Sub is Up, it's going to you guys <3
  25. Twitch Affiliation!

    Over the last month or so @Nyx and @Slayer have been working hard on streaming daily with the goal of becoming affiliated with twitch so we could earn some extra revenue for the clan. It is with great pleasure that I get to announce that we did it! A couple of days ago twitch contact us inviting us to the “Twitch Affiliation” program which allows newer streamers to start earning via subscriptions (normal and prime), tips, and also selling items through amazon! After submitting the proper paper work we finally have our sub button! What does this mean? This means that if you would like to support RD, you can now head over to our twitch page and subscribe. There are three different tiers of subscribers ($4.99, $9.99, and $24.99/month), and you can also subscribe with your amazon prime! In the future we will also be setting up computer gear referral links so if you are planning to upgrade your build, you can purchase through our referral link and send a kick back to RD! Where does the money go? All revenue from donations, subscriptions, amazon, etc will be deposited directly into RD’s paypal which we will use for hosting costs, future developments, and possible giveaways. So head on over to our twitch page and subscribe if you can, or at the very least make sure to follow us. **Click image to head to twitch page**
  26. Canadian Likes...

    Spotted dick is a British pudding, made with suet and dried fruit (usually currants and/or raisins) and often served with custard. It is made from a flat sheet of suet pastry sprinkled with dried fruit, which is then rolled up into a circular pudding only the brits
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