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Code of Conduct
Updated: June 5, 2016

Reborn Dominion is governed by a common set of rules that automatically apply to every members of the community. Please abide by them as the goal of these rules are to ensure a positive and fun environment for gamers. If these codes are broken, strikes may be applied to your membership within Reborn Dominion.

1). Cheating

Reborn Dominion does not condone nor tolerate cheating of any kind. Our community respects the ToS, EULA, and NDA's of all games and violation of any of these will subject a member to removal from Reborn Dominion. Cheating will also include use of any hacks, aimbots, trainers or other gameplay enhancing programs.


Actively recruiting within the United States requires us to follow US laws, COPPA in this regard. Minimum age limit to join the clan is 13, while we promote a fun and respectful environment, a PG environment cannot be guaranteed.

3). Respect and Behaviour

All members are expected to treat others with respect - this applies to both members in our community and people we encounter outside. We expect members to keep formal composure and behave in a respectable manner towards other groups/players while representing Reborn Dominion. Having a respected name and positive reputation within games are important key values to our community and disrespecting these values isn't accepted. Reborn Dominion will not tolerate members creating a negative environment for other members. We will not allow hostility, demeaning remarks, racism and sexual harassment.

4). Disagreements, Disputes and Complaints

Disagreements and disputes happen between people; we do not expect a community where every single member get's along. Members involved in disagreements are encouraged to communicate them with their respective Divisional Leadership or member(s) of Operations. Our leaders are here to help resolve disputes and arguments within the community.

In the event where you feel it is necessary to submit a formal complaint against another member who is in violation of our Code of Conduct, you may submit a complaint using the form located below. Please note, we highly suggest that prior to any complaint that you have already spoken to your Divisional Leadership first. Submit Complaint

5). Forum Conduct

Swearing in thread titles is not allowed. Swearing within threads is acceptable as long as it is neither excessive* nor directed in a malicious way towards any other member. Threads posted in the wrong forum will be moved to the appropriate area. Topics or posts considered spam* will be moved, locked or deleted.


First Strike

The first strike is used as an official warning to the member to cease the behaviour. Operations will not be required for approval for a First Strike.

Second Strike

Depending upon the severity of the offense, the second strike can result in, but is not limited to: a second warning, suspension from the forums, Teamspeak or servers, and/or a ban from the Division. These will be determined upon the Operations review of the strike. Operations requires to approve the Second Strike.

Third Strike

The third strike is used to remove a member from the community. These should be (but not limited to) approved prior to submission by a member of Operations. Once it is submitted, it will go through Operations review to determine the outcome. If the third strike is applied, the member will be banned from our forums, Teamspeak and Game Servers and any other Reborn Dominion services unless the third strike is successfully appealed. The ban will last for 6 months default unless Operations deems otherwise during the review. Multiple Members in Operations and the LT General must approve the Third Strike.

Strike Expiration

Strikes will expire 6 months following the date of the member's last strike issued. All strikes applied, including expired strikes, may be used as future reference to determine a pattern of misbehavior if necessary.


Third Strike bans may be appealed by the submission of the Appeal form. Third Strike bans may be appealed immediately. If an appeal is denied, the member may not appeal again for 90 days. All appeals will require consultation between the Administration, the Captain and their Support to ensure all sides are heard in every situation. Members who appeal should expect the Administration to contact them in case further information is required. Members who successfully appeal their ban will enter a probationary phase which lasts 90 days. Members on probation will be held under a "One Strike" policy, any member on probation that receives a strike for any offense will be automatically banned for the default of 6 months. Members on probation may not hold any positions. After successfully passing probation, all strikes will be reset on a member's profile.

Ban Appeal

**We reserve the right to update this page whenever we see fit