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About Us

Reborn Dominion is a multi-gaming community that is focused on providing a rich environment for gamers to do what we do best, game. By bringing together all of our tight knit communities that focus on specific games or genres, we are able to not only drive competition and fun activities, but also provide our members with the resources and tools through the Reborn Dominion network to enjoy their gaming experience at the highest level.

The concept and drive in our mission statement above was driven when a large group of some of the very first members of Reborn Dominion decided it was time to start a new community. We came here as a splinter group from a previous clan that was having issues listening to membership that we couldn't accept any longer. As you can imagine, the issues that drove us to create this community are things that we take very seriously. Listening to membership, being responsive and active, and providing a healthy community for people to focus on what matters, gaming. As a community we work to keep things simple and straight to the point, cutting through the drama that tears many conventional clans apart, we have opted for a straight forward and basic concept..We log on to have fun. I look forward to seeing you become a part of our great family!

Our Games and Divisions

Reborn Dominion operates as one large community that has a nested Division system inside. Our games exist in 2 flavours. We have Community Games and Core Divisions. To start, Core Divisions are entities within Reborn Dominion with their own leadership. Each Core has its own Captain and Lieutenants. Cores are created and maintained by members who want a great gaming experience. Our Cores offer a stable environment for constant activities, events and memorable experiences as a gamer. Often times, our Cores have their own gameservers as well and custom content created for their respective division. For example, we may create full player guides that only exist to members of the Core only. To join a Core, any member of Reborn Dominion simply needs to apply to the Core, and it's respective leadership will validate/approve the request. Core's are given the ability to self manage their own forums, ranks/roles, calendars and pages.

Community games on the other hand are games that our members play but not on the same level as a Core would. Community games have no leaders within Reborn Dominion, we just play them all as a community. Games within Reborn Dominion are all started at the member level. Members request to either add a new Community game to our list or to startup their own Core Division. In both Cases, our Operations team receives the request and will approve or deny the request. You can find a lot more information on the creation process here.

Visit our list of supported games!

Our Teamspeak

We actively use teamspeak as our main source of voice communication. Feel free to come on by.
IP: ts3.reborndominion.com
Click to connect!

Interested in joining?

So you've read through who we are and now you're interested in joining. Whether you're a lost soul looking for some friends or you want to create a massive Core Division of your own, we're more than happy to see you join. The steps are listed below in more depth, but the short version is first apply to the Community, then to any Core Division you want! 

Step 1) Using this Regsitration Link apply to the main forums.

Step 2) An email validation will be sent out. After you approve it, you will be part of the RD Community!

Step 3) If you'd like to join a core, select the core(s) you'd like to join and apply to each one individually. If someone asked you to join, be sure to include that in your application!